126ft Freighter Goes Up In Flames In Port


Tribune Freeport Reporter


BIMINI police are investigating a fire that occurred onboard the vessel Sherice M while it was docked in Alice Town.

According to police, shortly after noon on Saturday officers received a report of a 126ft freight vessel that was ablaze while moored at the government dock.

ASP Terecita Pinder reported that the vessel was engulfed in flames when officers arrived at the scene.

Initial reports, she said, revealed that the fire started in the kitchen area. Police, assisted by personnel from a resort in Bimini, extinguished the fire.

ASP Pinder said there was no loss of life or injuries, and investigations are continuing into the matter.

The Sherice M is owned and operated by Captains Emmett Munroe and Shawn Munroe of New Providence. The mailboat serves Cat Cay and Bimini. She also sails to Salt Pond, Deadman's Cay and Seymour's, Long Island from Nassau.

The estimated cost of the damage is not yet known, neither is it known whether the vessel is able to set sail.

Meanwhile, police on Eleuthera are investigating a fire which destroyed a two story structure on Harbour Island on Saturday.

According to reports, shortly after 11am a propane delivery truck was servicing a propane tank at a washhouse, when an explosion occurred, resulting in the building catching afire. Attempts by the police and residents to extinguish the fire were unsuccessful, and the building was totally destroyed. One male received injuries and was treated at the local clinic. He was referred to New Providence for medical treatment.


propane66 2 years ago

Propane truck caused a fire in Harbour island?.......this is what happens when the Ministry of Works Volatile section turns a blind eye to these countless peddlers on the road selling gas.....

Crappy trucks, untrained staff, no licenses, no insurance, nothing. Of course no Business License and collecting VAT and not passing it on. Disgraceful.


sheeprunner12 2 years ago

Who do you blame for this?????? ........ Don't we all like to look for crappy deals???


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