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To honour her late grandmother, who was known as a community 'prayer warrior', and other Christian women of strength, Tamika Campbell is using her DOVS Enterprise company to host a special appreciation ceremony next Friday.

The event, named The Geraldine Victoria Award of Appreciation, after her grandmother, will take place at the William Johnson Auditorium starting at 7pm. The evening, held under the theme "The Strength of a Woman", will highlight the honorees Patrice Curry and Sheilamae Curry.

The keynote speaker will be Betty Benoit. The event will also feature a performance by the Social Services Choir and entertainment by Hunk-A-Chunk.

The abbreviation DOVS stands for "Delivering Outstanding Value and Services", and founder Tamika Campbell said it has been a dream of hers for many years to one day operate an organisation of this nature.

"I have a passion and a love for people and I am always willing to help, encourage, and empower other humans. DOVS Enterprise is a ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​service-oriented company that thrives on meeting every need and delivering outstanding service. We play host to conferences, award ceremonies, trade shows and more. We enjoy networking and building great business bonds that will help each other grow and expand," said Tamika.

Inspired by her late grandmother, Geraldine Victoria Forbes-Hall, Tamika is happy to use DOVS Enterprise as an avenue to host the upcoming event to acknowledge Bahamian women who go above and beyond when helping those in need without advertising it to the public.

"My grandmother was a lady who helped persons in need and was genuinely concerned about them. She was a God-fearing, no nonsense woman of God. She was the prayer band leader for many years, an evangelist, and would always visit the hospitals and anywhere the Lord sent her to preach the word," said Tamika.

"She was known for her kind heart, generosity, hospitality, and simply for being the community prayer worrier. She would encourage everyone who she came in contact with and prayed for them. She never asked for anything in return; she never did it for fame nor to be recognised, but just doing her duty as a Christian. I wanted to honour and remember the life she lived and continue to be a blessing to those in need. Part proceeds will be donated in her honour to assist the community of Fox Hill."

Speaking about the two honorees, Patrice Curry and Sheilamae Curry, Tamika said these are women who do not care to be in the spotlight or to be praised. She said their overall goal is to simply assist wholeheartedly, expecting nothing in return other than a 'thank you'.

"DOVS Enterprise believes in giving accolades to those deserving while they are yet still alive to receive them. We have hosted workshops, conferences, planned and coordinated weddings, but this is the first time I am hosting this type of event. It is important especially to me because not only am I keeping the vision of my grandmother going, I want to be able to touch the lives of as many humans in need as I possibly can. So those that will attend will be a part of the love and legacy of the late Geraldine Victoria Hall," said Tamika.

Going forward, she said, it is her goal to recognise individuals or organisations that go above and beyond in their communities and really make a difference.

"As my grandmother would always say, 'I come to be a blessing and to receive a blessing and out the door I go'. My goal is to also make the honorees feel happy, loved, appreciated and grateful for all the lives they have touched. I am looking forward to hearing that persons had a great evening with great company and that the level of service and quality made them feel like they were being honoured," said Tamika.


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