Marital Rape Laws

EDITOR, The Tribune.

MARITAL Rape? If as a society we accept man and woman are equal then within that context any abuse of either has to be an offence.

We live in a society where marriage is far from the norm so I suggest we walk carefully as if there will be a statute covering Marital Rape then Common Law wife - persons residing for an extended time period must fall under that same umbrella in fact anyone in a relationship.

I fear this could bring the gold-digging instincts of certain women to the fore - my chance now to get financial gain out of a very one-sided relationship. This could easily cause very serious societal reaction - crime against the person and even more murders.

Look around in the larger denominations their churches are filled to over flowing with ‘women’ - few men so I have to contend the opinion of the pastors of those denominations will stay loyal to where their bread is buttered and never rock the boat.

Many of these same Revs live in estranged relationships far from the best to emulate/copy so are they qualified just because you call yourself Rev - Apostle etc, to give definitive opinion to government?



February 28, 2018.


joeblow 9 months, 2 weeks ago

Its sad that in an "educated" country people respond to situations with emotions rather than reason and there are always those waiting to exploit the weaknesses in laws. I made the same points you just did when the marital rape 'discussion' was at its height. Good to see a woman with the same point of view on this issue!


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