Garbage Keeps On Piling Up

EDITOR, The Tribune.

PLEASE allow me space in your column to express my concern about a very serious issue that has gotten little to no attention from all governments. I am talking about the issue of littering.

I have lived in Freeport for several years and it saddens me to see how a once clean city has literally become a garbage dump.

As I drive around the city, it is alarming to see the beer and liquor bottles, soda cans, paper, fast food containers, plastic utensils, plastic bags, paper bags, chip and chocolate bar paper, etc.

These items are thrown onto the streets and roadsides by motorists and pedestrians who use our streets daily.

I have been trying to do my part by picking up trash on my own and by participating in several organised clean up campaigns, but this is not the answer to the problem.

Organising clean up campaigns is like a revolving door. People are littering faster than we can pick it up.

It has become so frustrating that I refuse to participate in any future clean up campaigns until our government decides to do something about it.

If there are no laws in place to curb this very serious problem, then now is the time to enact and enforce some laws.

We have been erecting anti-littering signs and taking out newspaper ads for many years and it is obvious that these don’t work as the problem is only getting worse.

We are living knee deep in garbage and it seems to be business as usual.

I am calling on my government to tackle this very serious problem or it will eventually tackle us.

Thank you.



Grand Bahama,

March 1, 2018.


juju 1 year, 3 months ago

Just a bunch of trashy people! No pun imtended... Our representative Mr Brent Symonette is doing a beautiful job keeping his constituency clean. Consequently property owners are taking pride in their properties on Eastern Road for example by painting, repairing, trimming trees. It really looks SO MUCH BETTER! Thank you Mr. Symonette and property owners! Making us proud!


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