Gibson Calls For Tighter Laws Over Hit And Run Incidents

Long Island MP and WSC chairman Adrian Gibson.

Long Island MP and WSC chairman Adrian Gibson.

LONG Island MP Adrian Gibson has called for stricter traffic laws relating to hit and runs.

His comments came after a jogger was killed during a hit and run in Cable Beach last week.

Mr Gibson said he was also the victim of a hit and run, but thankfully was not hurt even though his car was damaged.

“Mr Speaker, I was the victim of a hit and run on Tuesday,” Mr Gibson said Thursday, while speaking in the House of Assembly in a debate on the Financial Transactions Reporting Bill and the Proceeds of Crime Bill.

“I was driving west along West Bay Street, near St Alban’s Drive when a black/dark blue Nissan Teana, driven by a dark male drove out of the yard of a nearby business place and sped head-on into me. Then the driver reversed his vehicle and sped along Bay Street heading east, notwithstanding the fact that witnesses were clearly on site and it was recorded by video cameras. Physically, I’m fine; thank God the driver’s side is to the right. However, my car has been seriously damaged.

Mr Gibson then spoke about the death of the jogger on West Bay Street after a hit and run.

He said his experience and the woman's death shows the need to strengthen the laws as it relates to hit and runs.

“A police officer told me of the thousands of uninsured drivers on our roads and the need to clamp down on that, even if it means having serious and frank conversations with the insurance companies relative to their processes.

“Unquestionably, the vehicular licencing processes must be reviewed.

People must know that there will be consequences for such barbarous, inhuman acts. This is becoming too frequent. It is as if some people have no moral code, no moral centre, no sense of right and wrong, no sense of decency.”

Concerning the bills which were being debated last week, Mr Gibson said he supports the legislation but said they would only be successful if enforced.

“We have always been weak in the pursuit of white collar crimes. These bills — and their enforcement — will tighten the noose around those businesses and persons who participate in the same but get away scot-free.”

He added the following suggestions: “Mr Speaker, the unexplained wealth order aspect of the Proceeds of Crime Bill demonstrates a flexibility that traverses both the civil and the criminal law. I appreciate that; however, I urge that — given the extent of the section — it should be applied with the greatest caution, ensuring that checks and balances are evident in line with the Constitution.

“Whilst at it, Mr Speaker, I also say that the applicability of the new legislation relative to attorneys — must align with an attorney-client confidentiality as set out in the Bar Code of Ethics and is codified by the Constitution.”

The Proceeds of Crime Bill was sparked by weaknesses identified in the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force’s assessment of the country’s anti-money laundering defences last year.

Among other things, the bill will allow authorities to target the wealth of civil servants, politicians, their relatives and suspected criminals who live beyond their legal income.

The two bills are meant to clamp down on corruption and crime.


sheeprunner12 9 months, 2 weeks ago

Long Island has some of the most winding, dark and treacherous roads for the novice driver ........ this needs some serious remedy ........ Can we have the Bahamian paving and cat eyes expert come down and do some work ??????? ........ Like in Eleuthera????????


bogart 9 months, 1 week ago

Solve the defecit and pay off the national debt SOLUTION when vehicles are licenced the drivers provide car insurance with expiry dates. And govt has address. 1- call insurance company to see of insurance renewed 2- have policebike wait at corner outside car wid rxpired insirance and book driver when dey drive out dey yard. 3- drivers give work address so police bike visit carpark


sheeprunner12 9 months, 1 week ago

Any hit and run driver who is prosecuted should have a mandatory 5-year suspension of their driver's license ........... If more Bahamians were to have their D/Ls suspended, it may clean up our reckless driving culture.......... But will RTD/RBPF be able to enforce this?????


bogart 9 months, 1 week ago

Excellent suggestion that would certainly work in Long Island.....but in Nassau some Pastor or currupt person will speak to he boy and dey gan get off, .....an gan pull the number of voters in da house...da family...from the same settlement...bin to da same school....outside child ....etcetc...unlikely any politician would get involved cause Doc has curruption mantra on he agenda ....worldwide knows....dont hear him talk no second chance...cause he done learn from xperience....its good medecine aloes...sarasee..fer da country..


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