Tribute To Sir Durward

EDITOR, The Tribune.

S - Sensitive; sea wolf.

I - Intelligent; inspiring.

R - Resilient; riding the waves.

D - Darling come Home; I am with child. (Sign Holly).

U - Unique; unassuming.

R - Resourceful.

W - Withstanding the waves of sport and life.

A - Articulate; attitude booster.

R - Manipulating the tides.

D - Dedicated to helping his fellow man.

Dear Dad, we Love you!

(Sign the kids!) Charlotte, Randy and Jill.

Taught to sail at a young age by his father captain Harry Randolph Knowles. 1946 star class world championship winning a bronze medal alongside teammate Basil Kelly.

After that winning, he catapulted in 1956 with Sloane “Bunty” Farrington taking bronze in Melbourne, Australia.

In 1964, Olympic Games, he and Cecil Cooke won the Bahamas’ first Olympic Gold Medal in Tokyo. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1996.

Sea Wolf was the oldest living Olympic Champion at age 100.

I extend condolences to Lady Holly Knowles, his family and his wide circle of friends near and far, locally and internationally.

Sir Durward was a national Hero, one Bahamas icon, sporting legend, humanitarian, “National Hero”, husband, father and friend.

St Peter graciously welcomes him par excellence in heaven.

Sir Durward realised like everything else that luck in sailing played its part. He was a believer in “One Bahamas”, an active, vibrant presence in the Bahamian Community in sports and in business.

Sir Durward is survived by his wife lady Holly Knowles; three children: Charlotte Albury, Randy Knowles and Jill Thompson; six grandchildren: Roscoe Thompson, Jason Thompson, Jeffrey Thompson, Tiffany Albury, Kristy and Rebecca Knowles and numerous other family members too numerous to mention.

Sir Durward is also survived by his loving sister Violet Weech, who turned 102 last year. To God be the Glory! Great things he has done! The legendary Bahamian Sailor and Olympia Sir Durward Randolph Knowles slipped from this side of the vineyard to eternity from kidney failure and other complications on Saturday, February 24th, 2018 at 2:15pm amongst a myriad of family members. May his soul rest in eternal peace.



March 1, 2018.


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