For Export Only

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Thank you, Editor, for allowing me to express my serious concerns. I am eternally grateful.

There seems to be an arrangement or some unspoken plan to use The Bahamas as the dumping ground for countries or companies.

Especially recently, there have been a plethora of food stuff and other items sent to The Bahamas that has been discarded by countries or companies. Why is this allowed to happen?

There are many items in the food stores that has on the labels, “for export only”. We can easily conclude that the products are inferior. Actually we can conclude that The Bahamas is the dumping ground for “garbage”. This begs the question, is there anyone in government who monitors these things?

How come the government is so naive or compromised to the extent that it is allowing its people to be taken advantage of so much. I am sure our heath is being compromised.

There can be no explanation why the Bahamas Government would allow this practice to continue. The possibility exists that meat may have bacteria concerns and canned goods that would not be allowed to be consumed in their country are allow to be sent here.

The Ministry of Health cannot be that unconcerned or compromised to allow this practice to continue. How come only stores “over the hill” carry these products?

It is sad that we are so gullible. The only thing that seems to turn this government on is increasing unemployment and destroying the quality of life as we once knew it.

Who in the government has the integrity or pride to say that this is in fact happening and something will be done, or are we to expect some more spin from the many highly paid propagandists?

Are we being used as guinea pigs? Is this intentional? How unconscionable can we be?

Not that I expect anyone to do anything, but the members of government must know that their families are eating this garbage too.

Finally, I am stunned that journalists do not see any merit in investigating this or reporting it, because I am positive that they all know. I guess the priority is still to sell to the public that someone stolen from the government.

I conclude that I am still unafraid, especially since I have discovered a place called “freedom”, dare to be me and unafraid to die. I fear Jesus Christ only, all others are powder puff.

Laser focused!



January 31, 2018.


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