Turtle Killing

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I don’t have the mental toughness to view a 41 second Facebook video of a purported Grand Bahama male resident bludgeoning the head of an obviously distressed sea turtle. The video was posted on a popular Facebook page. A still photo of the sickening incident was posted on Tribune 242. According to Tribune 242, the law prohibits people from taking, possessing, buying or selling sea turtles -- which are endangered species. What I saw on The Tribune 242 still photo was an act of animal cruelty. Animal cruelty is defined as the act of inflicting pain, suffering or death on an animal, usually a tame one, beyond necessity for normal disciple. While the sea turtle was not a tame animal, this fact does not preclude right-minded Bahamians from classifying the incident as brutal torture.

The brutal killing of the sea turtle was an obvious case of zoosadism. It was an overkill. There was simply no need for the inhumane method the culprit used to euthanize the sea turtle. He could have easily slit the throat of that animal, as one Bahamas National Trust official proffered. But he chose instead to inflict unnecessary pain.

I hope the relevant authorities investigate this disturbing matter forthwith, with the view of making an example of the individuals involved in this sickening incident. In the 21st century Bahamas, this type of behaviour which is routinely practised in backward cultures should not be tolerated here. It cannot be tolerated if we want to ascend to First World status.



Grand Bahama,

March 8, 20118


DDK 9 months ago

Why was commenting disabled for the GB Humane Society's "Turtle Killing Sentence Does Not Send A Strong Enough Message"? They are so right it does not. Community service which will probably will not be served after a token hour or two. The maximum fine most certainly should have been imposed. Was the prosecutor or judge family to the criminals? Did they get some turtle meat or perhaps even a shell? In the the Bahamas crime and inhumanity seem to pay very well.


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