Bahamians In Need Of Some 'Good News'

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I would venture to suggest that the majority of ‘right thinking’ Bahamians would wish to see the FNM administration succeed if only for the collective sake of the nation. Of course, partisan politics will always play a role in debates on public policy initiatives and most societal issues. The fact of the matter, however, is that Bahamians are in need of some ‘good news’ for a change.

The FNM came to office on a myriad platform of change and promises of change. We thought that Heaven was about to arrive on Earth upon the return to office of that party. A large majority of Bahamians could not stand another day of governance by the Christie led PLP. That administration was terrible and it has only itself to blame for the devastating electoral loss in May, 2071

The incoming PM, Dr Hubert A Minnis (FNM-Killarney) and the FNM were all over the place seducing the good people of this wonderful nation with what has now turned out to be ‘bogus’ and ‘pie-in-the sky’ fake promises. They shouted for: accountability; transparency; fiscal reforms; a real Freedom of Information Act; reduction or elimination of VAT on breadbasket and other items. So far, none of these has seen the light of day.

In a few short weeks the FNM would have been back in power for a year. What is it able to actually show in terms of actual performance and good governance? I suggest that the jury, so to speak, is still out on the question of performance but it is clear that this administration is still grappling with the stark reality that it is in the governing seat. The first few months were notable for the high level prosecutions of certain former cabinet ministers and board chairpersons. Those prosecutions are still making their way through the judicial system.

It was pure and unadulterated sensationalism to witness the abject spectacle of seeing former men of political power doing what is commonly referred to as ‘The Bank Lane Shuffle’ I have no doubt that many Bahamians were gleeful and even rejoicing when they saw some of my great friends doing the ignoble shuffle. That is all right, though, because, at the end of the day, as a trained lawyer, that justice will be served. Governance by sensationalism may well be the modus operandi of the hapless FNM and it’s politically delusional leadership.

The Hon Philip ‘Brave’ Davis (PLP-Cat Island; Rum Cay & San Salvador) was one of four PLP Members of Parliament to be re-elected during May, 2017. He was unanimously elected by the new PLP as Leader. The FNM and the PM fear and respect Brave more than they will ever admit. In Christie, they had a natural poster boy for laziness; political disconnect; arrogance; a complete lack of accountability and transparency. To add even more political baggage, Christie, clearly, in the latter year of his merciful defunct regime, appeared not to care less about what the electorate thought about him or the old PLP. The rest is history.

The FNM has rolled out not a single new investment project and seem to be totally incapable of even completing those left in the pipe line by the Christie government......not a single one. No less a figure than Minnis declared, boldly, mid last year that the long closed Our Lucaya over in Freeport would be opened for the 2017 winter season. That has yet to happen and the FNM and the PM hardly ever mention that white elephant any more.

They crowed about possible corruption and misappropriations at the Ministry of Tourism and in particular The Festival Place and The ill-fated Musical Festival which was supposed to be hosted by two lawyers......one connected to the FNM and the other, I believe, to the old PLP. The erstwhile Minister of Tourism, the Hon Dionisio D’Aguilar (FNM-Free Town), the hardest working and most visionary cabinet minister, bar none, has gone dead quiet about campaign allegations of corruption and malfeasance. Not a word and no criminal charges, so far, have been brought by the police. I suspect that none will be pro offered. Government by sensationalism or what?

Now we just witness the political broadside being launched by the hapless FNM and its equally hapless, Adrian Gibson (FNM-Long Island) against the beloved and respected leader of the new PLP, the Hon Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, MP, QC. Some forensic report by Ernest & Young was introduced into the records of the House of Assembly recently that appears to reflect badly on the Leader of the new PLP. Of course, in my considered view, the so-called forensic report is riddled with inconsistencies; half truths and what appears to me to be an outright and diabolical attempt to smear’his reputation and integrity.

The so-called forensic report went so far as to attached a copy of the purported obituary of the late mother of the Leader as if to suggest that she, the mother, was a shareholder in a company formed within the law firm of Davis & Company. There is a Mrs Poitier, to my personal knowledge, employed at that law firm for many years. She is a legal secretary and Administrative Assistant to the Leader whenever he is out of government and in private practice. It is routine for legal secretaries and clerks to sign incorporation documents as a nominee shareholder.....one share to Mrs Poitier and there is something sinister about this?

Adrian Gibson should be more concerned with the oil spill at Long Island some months ago. Not a single word. What about the roads up there? What about the airports and investment opportunities? Not a single word but the report and the Chairman are able to suggest something untoward by Brave’s late, dearly beloved mother, who cannot defend herself from the grave! How low will Gibson, Moultrie and the FNM go? Governance by sensationalism and stealth.

Minnis and the FNM are totally devoid of what is known as common sense, politically and economically speaking. They do not, in short, know what the hell they are doing. In devious and bogus attempts to distract the attention of the people from the real issues, the FNM and the PM sprout out all sorts of bull skate and drivel.

We are about to be ‘blacklisted’ by a European financial watchdog group and the DPM is apparently clueless along with the newly minted Financial Secretary, Marlon Johnson, formerly an account representative at BTC and, perhaps, the recently, demoted former Treasurer of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. While Minnis was in Haiti eating and grossly enjoying Haitian bananas, we are on a slippery road to a financial melt down and governance by sensationalism. To God then, in all things, be the glory.



March 10, 2018.


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