The Press Box: Cowboy Nation, Here’S What To Do With Dez Bryant


AFTER making multiple impressive moves during the second week of the NFL free agency period, including signing two wide receivers, ex-Jaguar Allan Hurns and ex-Bear and Bill Deonte Thompson...

Both of these receivers appear to be replacements for incumbent No.2 wide receiver Terence Williams, and free agent Brice Butler.

Butler is most certainly heading to a new team, (possibly the 49ers) after these recent transactions by the Cowboys. Which brings the hot topic of the NFL offseason, especially in Cowboy Nation, what do we do with Dez?



The Cowboys intended to let Bryant play out the season at $12.5 million, and revisit his spot on the roster in the offseason. Where if they choose to cut him, would only be a $4M cap hit.

Talks about Bryant’s exit intensified after the Cowboys added another starting-caliber receiver to their roster for the 2018 NFL season, in the form of ex Jaguar Pro Bowler Allan Hurns. (From the “U.”)

If the Cowboys are planning to part ways with Bryant, Jason Reed of LA Sports Hub said that the Los Angeles Rams should try to trade for the 29-year-old receiver.

Bryant’s trade value is still an unknown, however the Cowboys will gladly get as much possible for him in any trade.

It may be because, rumours continue to swirl, the Cowboys might just cut Bryant out right, later in the offseason, for nothing.

Jean-Jacques Taylor of NBC DFW said that Dallas appears to be ready to move on from the eight-year veteran. The Cowboys signed the aforementioned WR Allen Hurns, formerly of the Jaguars, to a two-year, $12 million contract.

Dallas signed Hurns for two reasons.

  1. To make him their new No. 2 wide receiver.

  2. In preparation for the eventual departure of Bryant before the start of the new season.

Regardless of how Dallas is planning to handle Bryant’s situation, the Rams should reach out to the Cowboys, and at least inquire about a possible trade. I agree with my colleague Jason Reed of LA Sports Hub, trading for Bryant makes a lot of sense for the Rams because they need a replacement for Sammy Watkins, who inked a three-year deal worth $48 million with the Kansas City Chiefs.

And for the Cowboys who desperately want to move Bryant and his hefty contract, without having to cut him for nothing.




The Rams could offer their sixth-round pick, along with the picks of the Buffalo Bills and New York Giants in the same round.

Three sixth round picks to go along with the Cowboys’ existing 10 picks in this year’s NFL Draft. That’s a lot of ammunition for the Cowboys to have at their disposal for Draft day trades.

Trades which could quite possibly net them them one of Calvin Ridley or DJ Moore, considered to be the top two receivers in this year’s Draft.

Both obvious replacements for Bryant, short and long term.

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