Unhappy Mcalpine

EDITOR, The Tribune.

IN my view, I feel that the Good Reverend needs to come clean and say what is his real problem, with his consistent whingeing?

Is it because he as being an elected member is being outshone by the Senator as the point man in Grand Bahama?

A role he feels he has an inherent right to? Or is it he’s just not a team player?

Being the chairman of the Hotel Corporation is not a high enough profile position for the good Reverend?

My understanding is, he was offered the Deputy Speaker for the House of Assembly that he turned down, was looking to be appointed a Minister, but was sorely disappointed when he was overlooked.

Rev, maybe you should put your criticisms to rest, and put that energy into saving souls. Leave politics to the politicians, remember some were called, some were chosen, some just went, what category do you fit in?



Grand Bahama,

May 13, 2018.


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