Symonette Calls On Banks And Schools To Be Sympathetic On Expired Permits

Brent Symonette

Brent Symonette


Tribune Chief Reporter


IMMIGRATION Minister Brent Symonette yesterday appealed to local banks to exercise sympathy and sensitivity in handling the accounts of people with expired residency or work permits.

Mr Symonette said he was unaware of any legal mandate for banks to shut down client accounts immediately upon the expiry of status permits, adding the processing challenges faced by the Immigration Department are well-known.

"It appears that some banks," he told the Lower House, "when person's work permits expire, are refusing to deal with them as clients. I don't see anything in the law that allows them to shut down a person from doing business just because his work permit or residency permit has expired."

He continued: "Please be more sympathetic, more sensitive, I understand that's happening in places like drivers license or other areas. The person hasn't died because his work permit has expired. We all know the Immigration Department is doing the best job it can, it can do better.

"Give us some time to renew permits," he said.

Mr Symonette also backed Education Minister Jeffrey Lloyd's appeal for schools to allow students to register regardless of their parent's legal status.

"And similarly," Mr Symonette said, "the schools that are not allowing persons to enter their schools and get an education simply because their parents work permits is not in place, please stop that too. We need to educate the young persons in this country, irrespective of where their parents came from."


TalRussell 2 years, 4 months ago

Colour me Bold as a comrade member Imperial red shirts cabinet, not for being against introduction new $700 fees, before the families of the poor and near poor dead can claim a loved-ones body from government's hospital morgues, or when a member from the native community showing up at one banks - only be denied extension they car loan payments - all because they just lost their job..... but Bold that it concerns red cabinet when banks give expired work permit holders a rough time. It's the kind Boldness which might steer the 91,409 voting red shirts on May 10, 2017 into thinking their votes were sensitivity a waste time.


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