Gunned Down As Children Played

The scene of the shooting in South Beach.

The scene of the shooting in South Beach.


Tribune Staff Reporter


GUNSHOTS cracked the air as seven children played on a South Beach park yesterday morning. Feet away from them, a man in his early 30s lay dead.

“I saw the body,” one boy playing on a slide said as The Tribune spoke to an adult.

“We saw it too,” the others chimed in.

The children ranged from five to 11.

Police Chief Superintendent Solomon Cash said it’s too early to say what the motive was for the latest killing, which happened shortly after 10am. The victim was walking on South Beach Drive when a man approached him and opened fire, hitting him about his body before fleeing on foot.

This was the 33rd murder for the year.

Rickell Thompson, the mother of the oldest girl on the South Beach park yesterday morning, said she worries how the killing will affect the children; one child told The Tribune the images will linger in his mind.

“This is a park where children play,” Ms Thompson said. “My cousin in Pinewood called me, she say ‘Kell you hear the shots? I say what shots? I ain hear nothing. I say let me put on my clothes and see what happen. One of my neighbours, she had a video of it where he get shot in his head and his chest.”

She said she found the children on the park when she arrived. They told her they had just bought treats from a nearby shop when they saw part of the incident from the park. She said: “When I heard there were gunshots I say I hope ain’ none of the people children and ain none of mine caught in this.”

She said she’ll tell her daughter, “you got to be careful, got to play safe, if you going some place let me know and I’ll go with you.”

“This usually a peaceful place,” she added. “We usually don’t have these kinds of things around here.”

The oldest boy in the group agreed.

“We might see like fat women fighting ‘cross the road (but that’s it),” he said.

Yesterday’s murder came after a particularly bloody holiday weekend which saw a number of shootings and stabbings.

On Thursday, police reported a man was stabbed in the area of KFC in Oakes Field. The victim was attacked by a group of people and subsequently stabbed shortly after 4pm.

Shortly after 9pm that same day, police were called to an incident in the area of the Produce Exchange at Potter’s Cay Dock where a man was fired upon and shot.

Police yesterday said both men were listed in stable condition.

In the early hours on Sunday

In the early hours of Sunday morning police were called to another incident where a man, sitting in his vehicle at the Shell service station on Tonique Williams Darling Highway, was shot by a man with a firearm.

Then just after midnight on Monday another incident occurred in the Douglas Road, Gambier area that left two men hospitalized while their assailants fled in a grey coloured Honda Accord.

Two hours later police were called to another incident at a party in Eastwood Estates where a man had been shot during an argument with several other men.

While the shooting victims in the non-fatal incidents are listed in stable condition, police yesterday said the stabbing victims are listed as being in serious condition.

Anyone with information that might assist police investigations are asked to call police at 919 or Crime Stoppers at 328-TIPS.


TalRussell 1 year, 1 month ago

Ma Comrades, bullets deadly befalling a man's in front eyes little children's playing is a stark reminder that no minister Imperial red shirts cabinet to rush claim credit temporary lull crime statistics and expect get sway with it. Nassau Town is on its way becoming among the most unsafe tourist spots for good people move about in their work, social and play days - much less after dark... luckily, this time none little children's were shot.


bogart 1 year, 1 month ago

Dont the police have investigations detective people to ....FIRST....investigate infiltrate.....garner information.....track down.....trace....get tips...to break up gangs....gun smugglers....criminals...an try put an end to these criminals......BEFORE......dey happens.......'stead of somebody get shoot ....or burst.....before they shoW up at da crime scene wid dey lights flashinin an...sirenes going wee wee wee wee ...AN AFTERWARDS.....ask fer tips ...an do an investigation????..


Aegeaon 1 year, 1 month ago

That's how it should work, but National Security is quite blinded by either corruption or ignorance. These criminals aren't simple as we think.


TalRussell 1 year, 1 month ago

Comrades is it true that crime rates in Nassau Town are lower and still falling under Imperial red shirts?
The red shirts Imperial cabinet politicians are rushing before media making the case that they are... but when the dead are falling in front little children's playing - there can be no skewed reporting "police-reported" crime statistics which the people public have a far different conclusion about their freedom safely move about and around Nassau Town.... and certainly the good news reduction crime are NOT being shared with cruise ships passengers and hotels guests... nor has positive news reached various foreign government travel alert websites and social media blogs. How long before tourists will be more confined aboard their cruise ships and behind resort properties fences... and when the tourist dollars stop flowing into cash registers - crime from tiefing upwards will skyrocket... not that its done not occurring to businesses across Nassau Town. But this red government thinks selling and leasing off private islands for cruise ship passengers, and even in some cases local resorts, will not further bankrupt local businesses.


John 1 year, 1 month ago

When you talk to persons on the streets about these ‘execution’ style or ‘hit’ killings, they believe that ‘once the word been sent out,’ there’s nothing you can do to save your life. ‘You jes like a dead man walking and eventually they will ‘collect ‘ you.’ So exactly who are the ‘they’ who will eventually collect someone and take his life? Well ‘they ‘ could be anyone. ‘They’ could be the police of someone from foreign or even your own ‘bredren.’ If they have to do the ‘hit’ to save their own life then they will do it. On the streets there’s no where to run and no where to hide. “And it don’t have to be about some ‘vibe’ that jes gone down.’ Sometimes ‘niggas’ let things blow off. They be talking to you every day, hailing you up like erry ting cool. Next thing you hear shots lick off and body stretch out on the ground , in da road, wherever.’ And it doesn’t matter if is day of night. They decide ‘dis nigga run too long’ and time to collect him. Sometimes you may owe people and they give you time. But when that time run out, you gone. Jes like dat.’ And for some it doesn’t matter if it is day or night or who you with. The pressure may be on them to do the hit so they worry about the consequences later. And as long as who you with don’t try get involved they safe. They even ain’t gonna bother them. But if they wanna try play eyewitness then that’s another vibe still. They gonna get deal with.


birdiestrachan 1 year, 1 month ago

No games Dames and the FNM Government should cease from taking credit for the decrease in murders, and they will not have to take blame for any increase. murders are not political.


John 1 year, 1 month ago

@bitdiestrachan: it would be irresponsible for any government not to take credit for the level of crime in a country in which they have been elected to govern. And while some may argue and statistics may indicate that crime, murders especially, was on a downward trend before Mr. Dames and the FNM came to office, the most sustainable rate and longest period came under the FNM. And for the sake of fairness, most would agree that Dr. Bernard Nottage, former Commissioner, Ellison Greenslade and most all who were on the frontline of fighting crime gave it their all, and some May Day their life even. Crime is no joking matter. And when one (suspected) Bahamian can draw a gun under The brightness of the summer sun and shoot another Bahamian multiple times until he is dead, that should concern all of us. Back in the wild, Wild West time they would send out posses that would’ve brought this murderer back dead, or bring him back to be put to death or ensure he had left the territory. And they would warn all surrounding towns to be on the lookout for the killers and their gangs. It’s not that serious here in the Bahamas today despite the fact that the country has lost over a thousand young men to murder in the past decade. Fortunately law enforcement is appearing to get a grip on things and slow the murder rate down. But if Bahamians did not tolerate it when it first started, it would never have gotten this far.


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