Btc Targets Hospitality Sector With New Offering


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THE Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) has launched a "hospitality suite of services" aimed at modernising the tourism industry and "going beyond" guest expectations.

Andre Knowles, director of BTC Business, speaking on the sidelines of yesterday's launch, said: "This is a start. We want to bring a lot more products and services to the business community."

He further explained: "BTC is launching a whole new set of business products and services. This is but the first one; our hospitality suite of services. We are providing high-definition content to all of the hotels, but not just the hotels - guest houses and any place with multiple rooms, even hospitals. It is about allowing businesses to provide a higher level of service to their guests. While we and our competitors can provide content, we want to do even more."

Mr Knowles added: "This service allows hotels to put menus on the screen, allows guests to do check-ins and check-outs, all remotely from their connected devices. This is much needed. It's something we need to do in the hospitality industry to step up our game. Guests come here and expect a certain level of service that they get elsewhere."

The BTC executive said the "hospitality suite" of services allows hotels to ensure their guests can get what they expect "and beyond". It's good for the big hotels and the small hotels that can't afford to have IT staff," he added. "It's a managed service facility. Businesses will have full control of it, but it allows them to do what they do best and allows us to tackle the technology side."


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