Eleven To Be Inducted In National Sports Hall Of Fame

SEATED (from left to right) are Acting PS Rhonda Jackson, Minister of Sports Lanisha Rolle and Director of Sports Timothy Munnings. Standing (l-r) are Hall of Famers Sammy Symonette, Peter Gilcud, Crestwell Pratt and Arthur Jr, representing his father.
Photo: Eric Rose/BIS

SEATED (from left to right) are Acting PS Rhonda Jackson, Minister of Sports Lanisha Rolle and Director of Sports Timothy Munnings. Standing (l-r) are Hall of Famers Sammy Symonette, Peter Gilcud, Crestwell Pratt and Arthur Jr, representing his father. Photo: Eric Rose/BIS


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THE Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture is expected to induct 11 more persons into the National Hall of Fame next week, bringing the total to 163 since the inception of the highest honour for outstanding athletes, coaches and officials in 1989.

To be inducted in the Class of 2018 during the ceremonies on Friday, November 23, at Government House by Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling, are the following:

Agatha Delancy and Harcourt ‘Coins’ Poitier for golf; Cornel Mickey Williams for lawn tennis; Samuel ‘Sammie’ Symonette - bowling; William ‘Sonny Boy’ Rahming - boxing; Creswell Pratt - baseball; Charles ‘Softly’ Robins and Peter ‘Macaroni’ Gilcud - basketball; Edmund Lewis - cricket and posthumously - Arthur Thompson Sr for umpiring and Jann Mortimer for volleyball.

Director of Sports Timothy Munnings said the event is open to the public and they are asking for the public to come out and support the honorees.

“I think it’s another good class. It’s a group of diverse individuals who have been identified by their peers in sports, who feel they are worthy of such recognition,” Munnings said. “This is a representation of who we in the sports world feel deserve special recognition.

Under the theme: “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now, We’re On the Move,” the honorees will get to participate in a series of events to commemorate the occasion.

It will get started 8:30am at the Eva Hilton Primary School, formerly Oakes Field Primary, before they head to the Royal Bahamas Defence Force base for a tour of the facility.

On Friday and next Monday, representatives of the Class of 2018 will appear live on Bahamas at Sunrise. On Sunday at 10:30am, they will worship at Commonwealth Baptist Church, pastored by Bishop Arnold Josey, in Elizabeth Estates. On Tuesday, the honorees will head to HO Nash Primary School at 9am. On Wednesday, they will attend the sitting of the House of Assembly at 10am and at the break in session, they will be feted to lunch at the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium with inductees from the previous classes of inductees.

A total of 12 classes have have been held over the past two decades and is comprised of the following:

Class of 1989 - Tommy Robinson, Sir Durward Knowles, Cecil Cooke, Andre Rodgers and Elisha Obed.

Class of 2003 - Roderick Simms, Robert ‘Bobby’ Symonette, Sloan Farrington, Charlie Major Sr., Deacon Leviticus Adderley, Kingsley Poitier, Leonard ‘Boston Blackie’ Miller, Tony Curry, Mychal ‘Sweet Bells’ Thompson, Vince Ferguson, Betty Cole and John Sands

Class of 2008 - Sterling ‘Robert Lloyd’ Quant, Peter ‘Pa B’ Bethell, Tom ‘The Bird’ Grant, Hubert Wong, Winston ‘Gus’ Cooper, Captain Rolly Gray, Dr. Bernard Nottage, William ‘Yama Bahama’ Butler, Churchill Tener Knowles, Roy Armbrister, Henry Crawford, Ed Armbrister, Betty Kelly Kenning and Fred ‘Papa’ Smith.

Class of 2009 - Perry G. Christie, Bradley Cooper, Florence ‘Flo’ Rolle, Cliff Wilson, Doyle Burrows, Richard ‘The Lion Heart’ Johnson, Dr. Timothy Barrett, Glen Wells, Ed Smith, Errol Bodie, Bob Isaacs, Edwin Davies, Wentworth Forde, Leon ‘Apache’ Knowles and Anthony Carroll.

Class of 2010 - Basil Trevor Kelly, Gorman ‘Gomeo’ Brennen; Sharon ‘The General’ Storr; Earl Peter ‘Sweet Pete’ Brown; Leonard John ‘Skeeter’ Dames; Osborne ‘Ank’ Rahming; Carl Rodger Minns; Cynthia ‘Mother’ Pratt; Dudley ‘Dougie’ Smith; Winnifred K.P. Bethell-Russell; Keith Holland Parker; Celestine Wilson-Albury; Percival ‘Andy’ Knowles and Frederick Charles Higgs.

Class of 2011 - John Antonas; Derek ‘Bookie’ Nesbitt; Margaret Albury; Frank ‘Pancho’ Eahming; Godfrey Kelly; Austin ‘King Snake’ Knowles; Martin Lundy; Gladstone “Moon” McPhee; Arthur Elden; Anita De-Gregory-Doherty; Glenroy ‘Flo’ Saunders; Wilfred ‘Suggy’ Culmer; Prince ‘Head’ McIntosh; Sir Gerald Cash and Justice Maxwell Thompson.

Class of 2012 - Cyril ‘Peepsight’ Johnson; Leroy ‘Skinny’ Archer; Dewitt ‘Flash’ Hanna; Lorenzo ‘Dooney’ Lockhart; Leslie ‘Russia’ Cartwright; Edward ‘Eddie’ Ford; Oscar Francis; Keith ‘Belzie’ Smith; Peter Bowe Sr.; Irrington ‘Rinky’ Isaacs; Jesse ‘Butkus’ Ferguson; Dame Bertha Isaacs and Charles Williams.

Class of 2013 - Rev. Enoch Backford; Bernard Livingston Bostwick; Sir Arlington Butler; Alpheus ‘Hawk’ Finlayson; Roscow A.L. Davies; Maryann Higgs-Clarke; Oswald Moore; C. Leroy P. Mitchell; Harold Munnings; Phil Smith; Dr. Gail North-Saunders; Garth Rolle; Jacqueline Barnett-Bethel; Dr. Norman Gay; Leroy Archer; J. Barrie Farrington; Osborne Lockhart; Captain Hezron Moxey; Earl Haven; Basil Neymour and Kendal Nottage.

Class of 2014 - Kevin Johnson; Percival ‘Andrew’ Knowles; Edith Powell; Marina McClain; Donnie Martinborough; Ray Minus Sr.; Harcourt ‘Rip’ Rolle; Frederick Robert Sturrup; Daniel Sumner; Franklyn Theodore Roosevelt Sweeting; Frederick ‘Chicken’ Taylor; Calvin Cooper; Norris Stubbs; Allan Jackson; Wilfred Coakley and Bertram ‘Cowboy’ Musgrove.

Class of 2015 - Linda Woodside-Major; Shonel Ferguson; Kenneth ‘Six’ Francis; Kim O’Kelley; James ‘Jim’ Duncombe; Leslie Miller; Foster Bethell; Judy Lundy; Hubert Dean; Kenneth Rolle; Oralee Fowler; Anthony ‘Bando’ Bostwick; Neville Wisdom; Mizpah Archer and Sidney ‘Butts’ Outten.

Class of 2016 - Evander Freeman ‘The Natural’ Barr; Hugh Bullard; Candace DeGregory; Burket Dorsett; Anthony ‘Poker’ Huyler; Ivan Johnson; Nathaniel Knowles; Vicky Knowles-Andrews; Edmondo Moxey; Hattie Moxey; Jason ‘Pegs’ Moxey; Bertram Perigord; Frank Rutherford Jr.; Della Thomas; Sister Annie Thompson; Roosevelt ‘Dog’ Turner and James ‘Jim’ Wood.

Class of 2017 - Leo L. Rolle; Fletcher J. Lewis Jr.; Patricia Elaine Thompson; Edith Louise Turnquest; Rudy Levarity; W.M.J. Godfrey Eneas and Michael ‘Mike’ Sands.


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