Bahamas 4 Jesus Preaches To The Troubled

The Bahamas 4 Jesus movement has gotten underway in Nassau with Jesus' teachings being brought to the most troubled in communities around Nassau.

This week, several pastors from the United States shared the word of God, with the expectation that lives will be changed.

Pastor Stephen and Pastor Janice Strader from the Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida were excited to the join in the Bahamas 4 Jesus (B4J) movement.

They were joined by other local and international pastors, including James Matchett from Texas and Vincent Brown, who gave the altar call during the community outreach nightly services.

Pastor Stephen posted on social media: "Pastor Jan (my wife) was grabbing people out of the darkness and praying with them. A drunk, a prostitute, a young boy, a factory worker. I had to assign a local pastor to stay with her as she would walk out into the streets and pray for people."

The nightly outreach services throughout the islands are just one of numerous initiatives taking place as part of the B4J movement.

Tomorrow night there will be a Fire & Glory Outreach to be held at Evangelistic Temple at 7pm. Another highlight will be the B4J youth outreach event under theme "Igniting Hope Changing Destinies."

The event will feature musical performances by Landlord, Karrington McKenzie, Ayanna Clarke, Eman, Corey Rolle, DJ Godson and more. It will take place at the Myles Munroe Diplomat Centre beginning at 6pm. The host is Pastor Dave Burrows.

There will also be a children's outreach, family night and a B4J mass rally and oil-anointing service at Clifford Park on Sunday at 7pm.

Local pastors and ministry leaders have all made a unified effort to spread the gospel under the banner of B4J.

B4J is an initiative geared towards national transformation that starts in the grassroots communities. The idea of a door-to-door outreach, where local churches take the gospel to homes and neighbourhoods and distribute food or toiletry items to those in need, is at the core of the campaign.

This is followed by interval meetings at one of the participating local churches where all of the different congregations will come together for special events featuring inspirational, evangelistic messages, and a school of ministry training where local leaders are trained in various aspects of ministry at no cost.

All of the participating churches and ministries will come together for a week of evangelism and training culminating in a series of national meetings.


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