Summit To Empower Christian Leaders In ‘Five-Fold Ministry’


MINISTRY leaders are invited to the Kingdom Invasion National Assignment Summit (KINAS) designed to equip them in their spiritual walk so that they can effectively impact the kingdom of God.

The event, which will be held November 28-30 at the Meliá Nassau Beach, will be an opportunity for leadership development, training and networking here in Nassau.

The event is spearheaded by Ambassador Devon A Rolle and the Embassy of Kingdom Discipleship Centre. It is the church’s intent to “invade” the seven cultural pillars of society with the principles of the kingdom of God.

KINAS was started by Ambassador Rolle in 2009, inspired by his popular “Kingdom Invasion” radio show. The Kingdom Discipleship Centre is extending an invitation to ministry leaders all across the Bahamas to attend and participate in day and evening sessions.

KINAS represents a global think tank of kingdom ambassadors coming together for the enhancement of leadership skills.

According to Ambassador Rolle, the training facility is designed to empower Christian leaders in the five-fold ministry, the Neo-charismatic Christian belief that the five offices mentioned in Ephesians (Ephesians 4:11), namely those of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors (or “shepherds”) and teachers, remain active and valid offices in the contemporary Christian Church.

“It is committed to empowering the five-fold ministry gifts of the body of Christ to take their rightful place as the key influencers of the cultural mountains of their nation. To aid in this objective, spiritual and intellectual contributions of leaders who in terms of lifestyle integrity are kingdom minded and globally accredited in their leadership acumen,” he said.

Ambassador Rolle said it is his prayer that ministry leaders are led to partner with the initiative which aimed at strengthening leadership at all levels.

“In this age of conflicting extremes we see a world with tremendous technological advancements, yet simultaneously, a world that appears constantly shaken by moral depravity and spiritual duplicity. In light of this, the church must play a critical role in the development of cutting edge leaders who are as committed to integrity as they are to intellect. This year’s summit is committed to the nurturing of the spiritual, moral, social and economic leadership of the nation,” he said.

Conference schedule

Day 1: Intercessory Conclave; 12pm - 2pm

This session is geared towards developing leaders who work in the areas of spiritual and social development. Session speakers and roundtable contributors will include Princess Jennifer Lee from Nigeria, Dr Jonathan Fowler from South Carolina, Valarie Williams from the state of Georgia, Elaine Hinsey and Attorney Yolanda Rolle from Nassau.

Night 1: The session speaker is Bishop Jonathan Fowler; the theme is “Reviving the Call to Intercession”.

Day 2: The Nationalist Forum; 10am - 12pm

The theme is “Global Trade: A Bahamian & Third World Perspective (A comprehensive examination of WTO and ‘The Alternative’)

This session is geared towards facilitating a non-partisan political environment where critical national issues can be hashed out by some of the brightest minds in the relevant areas.

Night 2: The session speaker is Apostle Dr John Kelly; the theme is “Divinely Empowered to Advance the Kingdom”

Day 3: Apostolic Leadership Roundtable; 12pm - 2pm

The focus for this session is “understanding the five-fold ministry’s role in national discipleship.” It is designed to be a think tank for five-fold ministry offices within the Body of Christ. Apostles, pastors and leaders within the church are invited to attend.

Night 3: The session speaker is Ambassador Devon Rolle; the theme is “The Rise of Kingdom Leadership with Clean Hands”.

For more information, see the KINAS 2018 Facebook page.


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