Bus Drivers Want Delay Of Unified System


Jitneys on Bay Street.


THE Bahamas Unified Bus Drivers Union yesterday requested the government delay the launch of the pilot programme of the unified bus system.

The union noted in a statement it considers the current pilot project inadequate and old fashioned and called on the government to consult members on the system before it is introduced. The union wants to be more involved in the revamping process of the pilot project.

The press statement was released following the comments made by the former Transport and Local Government Minister Frankie Campbell on Sunday about the completion of the pilot's project being near.

Mr Campbell said, as far as he is aware, the system is proving successful and has brought the government closer to its goal of a reimagined public transportation system.

"The details were worked out," he said on Sunday. "When I left, all the key details were in place and our plan for major change was ready to be rolled out and operated."

Mr Campbell added: "We have the major details such as the central bus depot, the old road traffic facility on West Bay Street, and all the minor stops along the route already hashed out.

"The budget lines, well the funds needed to manage the system, was already worked out.

"So all that was left was the small items; a couple of little things we had to discuss with some of the drivers," he said.

When asked what he was referring to as the little things, Mr Campbell said: "The little details, we wanted to speak to the drivers about uniforms; minor details about the public service vehicles, things along those lines.

"Some aspects of the data collection system being proposed, we wanted to speak on that and how it would be used.

"So, like I said, the small things. And I trust in the coming weeks there will be so much more shared on this by the minister with responsibility for the sector.

"But be assured until then, this government and particularly the Cabinet has committed itself to seeing this project through and we are doing just that."


ThisIsOurs 3 years, 7 months ago

Oh boy. I guess he didn't sort out that small detail...consensus


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