'Bonafide Innovators' Launch Re-Election Campaign


President of the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations Rosamunde Carey.


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Incumbent Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations' President Rosamunde Carey and her team officially launched their re-election campaign.

Led by Carey, the "Bonafide Innovators" list of candidates also includes Carl Oliver (1st Vice President), Sandra Laing (2nd Vice President), Gail Clarke (Vice President - Finance), Philip Gray (Vice President - Marketing and Public Relations), Cedricka Rolle (Vice President - Business Operations) and Patrick Adderley (Vice President - Technical Operations).

The team unveiled their platform Tuesday before a group of BAAA constituents, coaches, officials, executives, family members and supporters at the Thomas A Robinson Stadium.

"We have to be able to market the BAAA in a modern track and field global community, and I'm confident that this is the right collection of people to take the association to a new level," Carey said. "Policies must now be enacted to ensure accountability and to address any challenges that may arise. Within the first 90 days, Bonafide Innovators will establish a policies committee, conduct town hall meetings with members for open discussions on policies, implement a public relations campaign to inform all stakeholders via print and electronic media, and introducing a policies document for the fair and transparent governance of the federation."

Carey made history as the first woman to win the BAAA presidency when she defeated Mike Sands 44-40 at the organisation's Annual General Meeting and election of officers in November, 2015.

Carey, a former treasurer of the BAAA, and all but two members of her United Purpose slate went into office.

Over the next several weeks the Bonafide Innovators team said they intend to arm the public with more information about the initiatives and successes of the federation over the last three years and also share the plans to enhance and build on the work completed thus far.

"The 'Focus Work with Proven Results' will support our claim that the BAAA is indeed being transformed into the business model that will allow us to serve all our stakeholders," the team said in a press release.


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