Heroes Who Put Bahamas First

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis was among those receiving awards at the first official National Honours investiture.

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis was among those receiving awards at the first official National Honours investiture.


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THE recipients of this year’s National Honours all have one thing in common, they put self aside for the sake of country, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said yesterday.

The prime minister was among those receiving awards at the first official National Honours investiture.

Dr Minnis said although he was honoured to have been conferred the Order of the Nation, he was happier the country recognised the contributions of others.

“It feels great, I think the message that is emanating here today is that one must not think of themselves but think of the nation. Think of others. You’re working not just for yourselves but you’re working to help others, to move the nation forward to move people forward,” Dr Minnis said yesterday following the ceremony at Mount Fitzwilliam, Government House.

“So, I’m honoured, but I’m especially more happy and pleased for the other honourees because as you listen you see and recognise the contribution that they’ve made to society. They obviously were not thinking of themselves. They were thinking about the Bahamas at large, moving the Bahamas forward, moving the citizens, improving quality of life for its citizens and that’s the message that must go out to everybody.

“We concentrate on global issues, national issues, Bahamians at large as opposed to ourselves as an isolated entity then we find that not only would you do better but the Bahamas, your country would do better.”

Sir Lynden Pindling, Sir Roland Symonette, Sir Milo Butler and Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield were posthumously awarded the Order of National Hero and will be called Right Excellent.

Former Governors General Dame Ivy Dumont, Sir Arthur Foulkes, Sir Milo, Sir Gerald Cash, Sir Henry Milton Taylor, Sir Clifford Darling as well as Sir Lynden, received Order of the Nation with the title Most Honourable.

Those receiving the Order of the Bahamas, companion, included former Cabinet minister Janet Bostwick and Free National Movement founding father Maurice Moore.

Dame Doris Johnson posthumously received Officer of the Order of the Bahamas and Dr Myles Munroe received Member of the Order of the Bahamas posthumously.

Tribune Publisher Eileen Carron was among those receiving Companions of the Order of Distinction. In this category was also Cynthia “Mother” Pratt and Anita Bernard.

It was previously reported that former Prime Ministers Hubert Ingraham and Perry Christie deferred acceptance of the country’s national honours for separate reasons, with the latter saying his decision was a considered response to the criminal charges brought against several members of his former Cabinet.

The men were to receive the Order of the Nation award which is bestowed upon all people who have served as governor general or prime minister. Their refusal was considered an embarrassment for the Minnis administration after it was reported by The Tribune in August.


CatIslandBoy 1 year ago

While I couldn't care less about what Perry Christie does, I am really disappointed that Mr. Ingraham chose not to accept the honour. I also believe that Minnis' award is a little premature - maybe in another four years.


OldFort2012 1 year ago

That has to be the most ridiculous hat I have ever seen.


proudloudandfnm 1 year ago

Why is Minnis getting awarded? Being the worst opposition leader in history? Or for being such a lousy, dishonest PM?

Giving Minnis an award demeans it for others who actually deserve it...

This FNM is truly a clown show...


sheeprunner12 1 year ago

Agreed ............ We live in a country where less than 70 people get to make the laws to benefit themselves ...... their friends and their lovers for generations after generations ............... and we pay for it with VAT.


TheMadHatter 1 year ago

LOL. I really can say no more or i might die from oxygen depletion from laughter.


OriginalBey 1 year ago

There are so many things wrong with this photo. One, this is not Her Excellency at her best in terms of dress. The hat is one of those bows that belongs at the back waist of a dress in an avant garde fashion show. And yes, I too am asking, why is Minnis receiving a National Heroes Award? Was the intent of transitioning from Queen's honors to this circus is to hand out awards like candy at a carnival? Let's make 40% a passing grade so all of our children can get into Yale!


DDK 1 year ago



licks2 1 year ago

I too think the hat do not do justice to a woman who would make a cream can look good!! That hat looks like a large black bird who has landed for the winter. . .and plans to stay for a long time!! As for the rest of the comments. . .I closed my eyes and wonder for a moment. . .the moments' gone. . .dust in the wind. . .all you are like dust in the wind. Same old song. . .like a drop of water in an endless sea. . . dust in the wind. . .all you are like dust in the wind!! SAME OLD SONG. . .JUST A DROP OF WATER IN AN ENDLESS SEA. . . DUST IN THE WIND!!


TalRussell 1 year ago

I am told the both comrade prime minister's eyebrows twitched skywards when he was caught by complete surprise that his name was included on list announced among recipients be wearing aquamarine blue Sash when officially conferred the Order of the Bahamaland. { You just can't just make such surprises up }.


juju 1 year ago

It is ALL just HYSTERICAL! The hat is the iceing on the cake...omg... So THIS takes the place of Columbus Day?


OMG 1 year ago

Always the same old visible ,titled party faithful who are awarded. Never see the cancer volunteers, volunteer EMS, Volunteer food bank persons, volunteer persons working with young people., who really give of their time. Such bullshit , the real people who should get recognized are those that get down and get dirty for no pay or award,


sheeprunner12 1 year ago

We have really missed the boat with Columbus/Discovery Day ........... The Bahamas had a special niche market to promote this October 12 event (his landfall) and market this as a big tourist draw for the millions of explorers-at-heart ............ but we got caught up in the anti-white European craze and now we have an empty useless holiday that no one but Fred Mitchell and Sebastian Campbell can really explain.

This could have been a huge international sailing event through the islands .......... instead we have these ugly sashes and hats. Then what are we gonna do on Majority Rule Day now???


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