False Pretences

EDITOR, The Tribune

SOTIC…CTO conference PI…always a big event but…

Where were the Jamaicans? Probably the most successful Minister of Tourism of the CARICOM region, Hon Minister Bartlett was not at SOTIC. Jamaica reports he was in Europe drumming up more business!

Okay Junkanoo at everything but is tourism promoting an event which only occurs twice a year so sort of under false pretences that a visitor will be able to experience a parade, not those small vinaigrettes in the hotels a parade? Could we be sued for false advertising?

Baha Mar - over the past days a barge with a crane has been seen off shore Baha Mar…there is already a landing area for boats – curious has someone given Baha Mar permits to develop a marina?

I recall in the HOA allocation was made for the western tip of Arawak Cay today occupied by what is said to be illegal sand and other operations who we were told six-eight months ago Ministry had given them days to clear up and move?

Just to remind your readers the waters between Nassau Harbour and Delaporte have restrictions not only for the speed of water craft-fishing and use…any dredging would require at the least a public hearing and should be refused.



October 4, 2018


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