Save Lighthouse Point For Us All

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I wish to refer to The Tribune of 18 September and to the letter by my friend Joe Darville entitled, “Lighthouse Point must be saved”. I fully concur with the contents of the letter.

One of the most memorable vacations was spent in South Eleuthera in August, 1973. I spent two weeks in the teacher’s cottage at Wengess Bight and visited Lighthouse Point Beach on two or three occasions. It is truly one of the most beautiful locations in the Bahamas.

I join with the now 30,000 plus signatures and say please, Mr Prime Minister, save Lighthouse Point for present and future Bahamians.

I wish to encourage my fellow Bahamians to sign the petition.


Marsh Harbour,


September 20, 2018.


Porcupine 1 year, 7 months ago

Mr. Bethel,

It seems that the country of The Bahamas has already been sold. All for the price of a few dollars, our crown land and our souls. When did a referendum or petition get in the way of what those currently in power want to do. The golden rule. He who has the gold, rules.


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