The Tragedy Has Already Unfolded

EDITOR, The Tribune.

In real terms, the tragedy of Lighthouse Point has already played out.

It has played out because the Prime Minister, those around him, and his nation of constituents are unable to envision the future. Dr Minnis seems unable to make a sound and sensible decision. I don't need to quote him. His shallowness is made evident in the decisions surrounding him. And he is merely a reflection of our people.

That in today's day and age, we are still debating proposals such as Oban, drilling for oil, and now this Disney proposal in Eleuthera, shows clearly the results of a society that places such little emphasis on education and learning, and seemingly little care about the wondrous place they call home.

find this extremely sad. Not just as a parent of a four year old, but as a member of a society that can't envision our future, just around the corner.

Economics versus the environment is not a valid argument, as many claim.

The economy cannot exist without our environment. Humans cannot exist without a healthy environment. Who cannot see this issue playing out with the facts coming in daily? Millions of people are dying each year, due specifically to a polluted environment. The world's most eminent scientists are telling us that humanity is running out of time in waking up to the realities of what climate change will bring. Here especially. We have entered what most all scientists acknowledge as The Sixth Great Extinction. This reality, seemingly lost on many here, by way of our actions and speech, is not encouraging.

I would be remiss in not acknowledging the real suffering by so many around me, especially in south Eleuthera. However, the reasons and solutions to this economic situation are rather clear and profound, if ever uncomfortable.

That in 2018, a country blessed with the resources such as we have in The Bahamas, yet its people are still suffering, is telling in itself.

Let's talk about employment and economic opportunities first.

I have spent a good part of my life in the tourism industry. I believe in tourism's' ability to provide economic success for any place that is wise enough to see tourism's upsides and downsides, such as any industry has.

Tourism is far more likely to provide entrepreneurial opportunities for our people than most any industry I know. It has the ability to actually preserve and strengthen cultural and environmental concerns. That the people of Eleuthera are still struggling to make ends meet has much more to do with political failures, a lack of education, and an absence of vision for a prosperous and sustainable economy. That we have not effectively addressed any of these shortcomings has left us where we are today; on our knees begging for a saviour.

The failures of our country in providing the space and encouragement whereby a majority of people have access to a living wage and entrepreneurial opportunities are evident in every Bahamian community.

Far too many of those who were in charge, both elected and unelected, our own people, have treated this country, and their fellow citizens, horribly.

The idea of forward, onward, upward may have taken hold, but the part about “together” doesn't seem to have been acknowledged. Ever.

What has already been uttered by our Prime Minister and those around him can only be seen as a sellout of Bahamian soil, sea and the potential of our people.

It must be noted as such, for if we do not see clearly our failures, we will have no incentive to do better. No incentive to change our failed model that has left our people in the dismal state they are in.

There are so few benefits, and so many downsides to having cruise ships come to The Bahamas that it doesn't deserve further consideration.

The studies have been done and the results are clearly presented.

That we are still wasting our precious time on this matter, is telling of ourselves and those we call “leaders” in this country.

The Bahamas has many economic opportunities, presently, without selling out our heritage and birthright.



October 17, 2018.


DDK 2 years, 1 month ago

Sadly right on all counts Mr. Trabulsy, Jr. Excellent points.

There is an old oil well in the Gulf of Mexico currently spewing out thousands of gallons of oil a day, the results of a land slide on an old well. The oil company responsible cannot seem to successfully cap it. The greedy will never learn until it is far too late. Shame that those that are honest, informed and actually care about our world seldom enter politics, or, if they do, soon become over-whelmed, over-powered, over-confident and bad to the bone.


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