Financial Bowling League Results

THE top scorer in Financial Bowling League competition on Wednesday night at Mario's Bowling and Family Entertainment Centre was Sonith Lockhart of Rubis Oil Stars, who struck for his highest game and highest three game series ever.

Lockhart mowed down the pins for a 290 high game which was only one strike short of perfection and a gigantic 751 high three-game series.Runner-up was Tyrone Knowles of Leno Corporate Services with a 582 second high set. Kevin V Williams of ZNS Hill Thrillers toppled the pins for the second high game of 224.

The MVP for the ladies was Joy Lockhart of BTC Night Hawks with a 212 high game and a 554 high three-game series. She was followed by Betsy Taylor of Best Deal Kirki Bar with a 189 second high game and a 543 second high set.

The scores for the evening were: Rubis Oil Stars 3, Moonlight Strikers 0; Best Deal Kirki Bar 2, ZNS Hill Thrillers 1; Deloitte & Touche 2, Strike Force 1; BTC Night Hawks 2, Leno Corporate Services 1.

Top four teams after six weeks of the first half are as follows:

Best Deal Kirki Bar

11 7

Rubis Oil Stars 11 7

BTC Night Hawks 10 8

Leno Corporate

Services 10 8


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