"The Hands Of God That Keep"


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IT would have been much easier for Veronica Smith Jarrett to cave in, quit and bury her faith in God. After all, she'd already encountered grave misfortunes - being hit by a truck at age 12, suffering a brain tumour as a result of the accident, overcoming a failed marriage and financial struggles. Now she awaits a new kidney.

But instead of throwing in the towel in the midst of the trouble, Veronica said she experienced "miracle after miracle" in life and became completely convinced it has only been the hands of God keeping her.

She chronicles her journey in the book "The Hands of God that Keep". It recounts Veronica's trials in her childhood, health, relationship, marriage and finances.

It also unravels her disappointments, pain, hurt and personal triumph through fervent prayer and an unshakeable faith in God.

"It will motivate your soul and enrich your spirit as you witness vast miracles that Christ is performing in the life of believers like me and many others today," she said.

"The Hands of God that Keep" was released last week during a special launch event at Faith United Baptist Church Hall.

"It is the journey of a island girl from Forbes Hill Exuma Bahamas, who God has indeed kept. It speaks to support from family members, church and school community. It shares the village experience of Bahamian history and culture."

Veronica was inspired to put pen to paper in hopes of inspiring those who may be experiencing challenging times in their life and are on the brink of giving up.

She wants readers to know that the same God who kept her, is able to do the same.

In 2016, Veronica was diagnosed with stage five renal failure and placed on dialysis. Her days were spent in and out of hospital beds for an entire year.

She saw the hand of God working on her behalf after being placed on the kidney transplant list at Cleveland Clinic.

This is just one of the compelling miracles she has seen throughout her life. The book shares much more, she said.

"On my way home from my dialysis treatment the Holy Spirit instructed me to write my life story. I was hit by a truck at the age of 12 back in Exuma, air lifted to New Providence and the doctors told my parents I would not live but God has kept me.

"I sustained a brain tumour from this accident. Divorce, broken relations but God kept me. Failures with my health and depleted finances but God has kept me. God has elevated me from my simple but adventurous island living experiences to the halls of university in Florida. I was the first in my immediate family to attend and graduate."

For the book Veronica conducted interviews with regular persons who suffered health failures, divorce, financial battles, depression, and has shared their testimony about God keeping power.

"God has given me a second chance of life. I am now remarried and able to serve the children and parents of Carlton E Francis primary school with individual counselling, grief counselling, social, personal, academics, school adjustments and classroom guidance sessions. I am fighting for my miracle of a kidney transplant. I know my sons need me along with the students of this country.

"If I can help somebody as l journey along my living will not be in vain," she said.

Veronica has been an educator for over 16 years and is presently a guidance counsellor.

She was born and enjoyed childhood days and education on the beautiful island of Exuma Bahamas.

She was raised in a poor single mother family, but her faith in God and Christian principles was strong.

She achieved a Bachelor's Degree in Tourism Studies from Florida International University, teacher's certification in Business Studies from University of the Bahamas, and Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from Kent State.

"My greatest recorded achievements is my spiritual relationship with Christ, being a supportive mother to twin boys Theo and Deeron Gibson and a loving wife to Daniel," she said.


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