Another Flawed Tender Process

EDITOR, The Tribune

LIGHTHOUSE Pointe - Eleuthera … incredible someone in government understands - you can’t make an application for a proposal if you don’t have any rights to the land - thank you Ace Newbold …. hope you explain to PM Minnis and Minister D’Aguilar!

Seeing you are understanding issues now deal with BP&L yes that RFP for the 80MW standbys which grew incredibly to 275MW in a totally flawed tender process. Start Ace with BP&L emailed their favoured customers/bidders a whole six-eight days prior to the RFP was Gazetted. How did the requirement-scope grow from 80MW to 275MW and there was no official advice to the builders? It is obvious for certain other issues as Aggreko are still providing standby generators to BP&L and nothing changed. Oh by the way how was Aggreko allowed to participate in this RFP when they were then and now are providing such services to BP&L?

Considerable disadvantage to all other bidders as Aggreko equipment was installed …this RFP was is flawed and so the potential LNG deal from Shell America must be cancelled. Ace you got it on Lighthouse hope you now see this travesty or irregularity and advise the PM and Minister of Public works that RFP has to be cancelled. LNG increases levels of CO2 by 25% annually!



October 24, 2018.


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