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EDITOR, The Tribune.

THE Constitutional appointments of Government cannot be made light of - there always must be continuity and perception no one went to sleep. In the case of Justice this is imperative for obvious reasons.

Again we find Prime Minister Minnis fiddling - stalling - unable seemingly to make a decision for the appointment of a Chief Justice.

Lest we forget he and his Cabinet went through this process six months ago - 180 days ago - would have considered maybe three-four candidates so surely - logically when having to fill the position so soon after an evaluation you go to the Cabinet minutes and see who was the second favourite to be appointed six-months ago and simply re-interview that person again ensuring I have to suggest the candidate must provide a full medical report.

The statement of the mouth-piece of the Prime Minister, Ace ‘da-ice’ Newbold simply makes total inadequacy of the Cabinet that they are unable to do this very simple matter.

Chairpersons and ‘ethics’? We have to be shocked that the new Chair of BP&L after what has gone down and continues argues his position where his private business might have a pending proposal with BP&L for adoption. Editor - ethics tell you at the least he should have declared this in his interview with Prime Minister - Cabinet and no way should he have been appointed. Mr Moxey, if this is true, please resign and save us further pain.

The Landfill - what is all the noise about? Who are the foreign experts behind this project? $130 million and the promoter confirms they have not raised the money? Surely in any RFP the candidate has to show they have the funding not a maybe? Yet another boo-boo of the Minister Government?



August 31, 2018.


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