Nad, It’S A Simple Answer

EDITOR, The Tribune.

NAD overjoyed with the passenger count for July – why?

If they didn’t know, Baha Mar added 2,300 rooms which with double occupancy estimates from a long time ago showed the resort would add. Some 350,000 visitors to the 1.2 million level.

Dah, NAD that is precisely a 30% increase and you got what?

Why or what is the reason to shout about this?

Airfares is what NAD and the Ministry has to be working on - during this reporting period aggregate return tickets from Atlanta to Nassau; Newark-Nassau; Charlotte-Nassau at any given time exceeded $1,200.00 per person! Usual fares are $400-450.00. Increase load capacity per plane.

Bahamasair - the inaugural flight to Houston - Bahamasair management simply ignored passengers waiting for use of that 737 to fly to Ft Lauderdale and then Ft Lauderdale to Nassau delays which were over three-hours without an apology or a voucher. Now the mess on the flight to Ft Lauderdale holding people either end for hours without explanation.

Couldn’t management have been taken one of the new ATRs, 70 capacity and fly it to Ft Lauderdale twice and then serve the original route in-country?

Better than getting everyone peeved at both Nassau and Ft Lauderdale and holding them without any news til 4am!

Mr Chairman - Managing Director, what a bad first impression those visitors got and look how we treated your own and was their any care? This is people’s business.



September 3, 2018.


OMG 1 year, 8 months ago

The cost of airfares FROM the Bahamas is beyond a joke and in part due to the usual high taxation on the tickets. Look at any Jet Blue cost going from and coming to the Bahamas. You can fly return from MIA to London return for around $500 today yet BA from Nassau to London is in excess of $1100. Nothing but nothing in the Bahamas focuses on lowering prices with lots of talk but no real action. Consider a family holiday to Eleuethera. Silver airways $350 -$1200 hotel room $150 -$500 a night. Average meal for one in restaurant with a drink $100 + 30 % tax. We have breathtaking beaches and friendly people but there are similar places all over the world a great deal cheaper.+


Porcupine 1 year, 8 months ago

This the the problem of little to no exposure to the outside world.


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