Bahamian Gospel Singer To Perform At Atlanta Awards Ceremony


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Her upcoming performance at the Prayze Factor People's Choice Award in Atlanta will not be Adrianna Munnings' first rodeo.

The gospel artist has travelled far and wide both to share her music ministry. But what is special about this event in Georgia is the size of the audience she will be able to reach.

She has been invited to perform at a showcase during season 11 of the Prayze Factor People's Choice Award on the September 13 -16 weekend. The awards ceremony will be broadcast to over 60 million viewers across the United States. It is a faith-based arts and ministry platform.

The Prayze Factor aims to bring maximum exposure and recognition to independent artists. It is a "fan-driven" platform, so artists are be required to engage their fans in voting, commenting and promoting their ministries. It is meant to be a friendly awards competition, primarily designed to spotlight unique ministries while also providing a real experience of Christ through artistic expression.

"I will have the opportunity to share the stage with artists from throughout the United States, the Caribbean, South America and Africa," said Adrianna. "I am the only Bahamian that will be travelling as an artist."

During the event, Adrianna will perform three of her original songs.

"I have been in this field for a long time. I believe it's my time. I have grown a whole lot. I have a unique style and sound that people are touched by. I want to be able to record music so persons can be blessed, healed delivered and set free," she said.

Adrianna is a soul singer/songwriter who hails from Mastic Point, Andros. She is a psalmist at the Jubilee Christian Ministries International. Her career was launched during the 'Hour of Redemption', a religious programme that featured Wilbur Rolle, who the singer said has had a great influence on her.

In 2009, Adrianna was the first runner-up in the televised Bahamian Idol competition. As a result, she was able to travel to Nashville, Tennessee, to record and perform with professional producers and musicians. She has also performed in Detroit, Chicago, in Jamaica, and in the Family Islands of Andros and Exuma.

"I bless God for every moment," said Adrianna.


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