Issues Facing The Bahamas

EDITOR, The Tribune.

PHA charges for handicapped persons and transport of patients to Dialysis Centre… The memo was true as yesterday was Wednesday, August 29….the charges would have started September 2nd.

Labour Day traffic accident? How much longer will the Police Traffic Division take to complete the accident report? Everyone knows the inefficiency of that Department but…Labour Day was when? The families of the victims need closure - be humane!

West Bay cutting of casuarinas - whoever is doing this please pull your finger out and complete the work and clear the mess.

Painting pedestrian crossings - was curious last week I saw the Tender advertisement to do this work - the next, yes, next day on NB12 that ‘road painting Company’ was shown painting the pedestrian crossings. Was the Tender ever complied with or as usual we did what we wanted to do and gave the job prematurely?

Sandy Port bridge area - who is responsible for the casuarina trees that block the view across Delaport Bay? A short back and sides a long time in coming please! Why we like blocking sea view?



August 30, 2018.


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