Our Lucaya

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I recall before the election, May 2-17 the PLP were touting that a Paul Wynn had a deal on Lucaya and they would sign…a whole year later nothing happened and Wynn walked from the deal and Hutchinson simply told Government we would close in September if no sale so now we are buying the hotel.

Question and a query? If Mr Wynn, so the Christie people told us, had a deal why now after Government buys shouldn’t government simply flip the hotel to Wynn and everyone will smile or can’t the Wynn Group buy?

Curious as in the meantime the Wynn Group had ceremonial groundbreaking about a month or so ago and last week a large billboard went up on the property wall - beautiful photograph of the proposed development but what strikes me was the second part of the billboard…from the 500s to six million…isn’t this an hotel?

Seems what Wynn will develop on West Bay opposite OPM is a high end condo with inclusive service facilities like Residences, but not an hotel. As we say around here was the gentleman for real?



August 30, 2018.


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