Shell Lng Deal More Of The Same

EDITOR, The Tribune.

THE incredible editorial of today Thursday, September 6th, insisting Government rushes to sign the Shell LNG deal.

Editor - you have read successive letters exposing the issue of the legality and compliance or lack of compliance by BP&L to URCA and the Electricity Act 2015 – so we forget that?

Editor - The Chamber of Commerce interviewed by your Business Editor outlined The Chamber’s serious questioning as to the process of the 80MW standby generator RFP - Tender - so we forget The Chambers’ position? You saying they wrong?

Editor, we understand that electricity is a hot issue, pun unintended, but for 40 plus years successive government have messed with this and no way do we want now in 2018 to sign a 25 years concession which was not acquired complying with the law and the correct process for Tenders.

There is little doubt The Chamber is correct - there is no doubt that URCA did press BP&L to comply with the law and they didn’t so we close our eyes and forget breaching the law and customary regulations and process? Ouch, Editor! No way!

Did we not vote for a change in May 2017? This is all of the same and worse!



September 6, 2018.


ThisIsOurs 1 year, 10 months ago

I agree. These people doing fool over to hear the refrain, "we can't wait any longer" "investigating would waste too much time"


CaptainCoon 1 year, 10 months ago

This is what a baboon and orangutan run country looks like. A jungle.


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