The Tender Process

EDITOR, The Tribune.

SEEMINGLY trending in official circles - Tenders need not be held in a process of legitimacy and following long established Regulations of fairness.

We look at BP&L - there is a serious case here and the Prime Minister has it totally wrong - PM it is not the board it is the process of the 80MW tender and that BP&L refused to comply with the Electricity Act 2015 to URCA the regulator of that utility.

As probably were many surprised by your Editorial last week on the Shell America issue - sign immediately at no costs but the truth is, Editor, there are exceptionally serious allegations, which should immediately cause an enquiry - an enquiry possibly by the police.

We all suffered for 30 years with the mess of BEC and its inheritor BP&L - deliberate avoidance of switching fuel which would have saved us all millions probably enough to build two new state generation plants but the tangled web of insider ship won out.

Sorry, Mr Black, the tender published on October 16, 2017 - Tender: 978/17 requested bids for 80MW short term generation. No mention of 275 MW which the Shell America bid quoted for 16 plus small local business people bid for this how on earth could they have for a 275MW standby generation plant – clearly Mr Black you are not aware of what went down.

Prime Minister, stop doodling, put this to the Police Corruption unit and let what falls fall we are simply tired of this impotency and dithering.



September 11, 2018.


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