Questions Over Bpl And Urca

EDITOR, The Tribune.

There is a headline today: URCA to investigate BPL fires attributed to URCA’s CEO Bereaux. With respect to Mr Bereaux where is the investigation as to why BP&L who are totally governed through URCA did not apply under Articles…15…25-28 for permission to change the type of generation and fuel at Clifton?

This is a requirement under Law - Electricity Act 2015 and URCA has sat on its backside since September, 2017 and done absolutely nothing except I recall a huff and a puff in January, 2018 advising the public that BP&L were in default of Regulations.

So fires at BP&L are more important than a clear breach and avoidance of the Law and seems URCA is complicit to questionable process in regards to the 80MW stand-by generator RFP.

I and hundreds are ashamed at the total lack of required process and compliancy with the law by URCA and BP&L and further the obvious clear unquestionable lack of process in regards to the standby generator RFP.

URCA it might be time to redeem yourself but you have to rush BP&L are under orders from Cabinet sign with haste that deal with Shell America whether or not any or all parts are questionable.

Do we have any ethical or moral standards left - Editor?



September 19, 2018.

(We understand that BPL’s position is that in this case it is not obligated to consult with URCA as it is not adding additional generation, but merely replacing existing generation. — Ed).


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