‘Golden Girl’ Miller-Uibo To Host Bay Street Mile November 10


Shaunae Miller-Uibo


Senior Sports Reporter


FOR the second consecutive year, ‘Golden Girl’ Shaunae Miller-Uibo will host the Bay Street Mile on Saturday, November 10.

Last year, Miller-Uibo reinstated the once popular road race that starts from the Straw Market on Bay Street and finishes at the Royal Bahamas Defence Force base on East Bay Street.

The road race was previously hosted by the Bahamas Coaches Association, which is now headed by Miller-Uibo’s father, Shaun Miller.

Mabeline Miller, the interim chief executive officer of the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations, said there is a meeting on Friday when the details for the road race will be finalised.

Last year, national 200/400 metre record holder Steven Gardiner, along with 400m hurdles national record holder Jeffery Gibson and quarter-milers Ramon Miller and Stephen ‘Dirty’ Newbold were all on hand to lend their support.

Miller, who also serves as the assistant secretary general of the BAAA, said Miller-Uibo plans to invite more of the Bahamian and international athletes to come out and support her this year.

“She wants to get more of the athletes to interact with the kids who compete in the race,” Miller said. “I think the time will be different this year because they want it to be bigger and better.

“That will be confirmed on Friday. I know they are trying to get more of corporate Bahamas to participate as well. It’s hoped that the event will be much bigger and better this year.”

In an effort to increase the participation, Miller said they intend to have more locations for persons to register to compete. Last year, more than 450 competitors participated.


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