Sandilands Choir Lifts Their Voices To Give Praise

The Sandilands patients choir Worthy of Praise showed appreciation to their supporters with their annual concert at Believers Gospel Chapel under the theme "We've come this far through community integration".

Sharon A Williams, former Sandilands Hospital administrator, launched the choir in November 2011. The idea was that the choir would provide patients with an opportunity to engage in a sensory experience of sound and movement. The choir's first director was Elsiemae Williams, retired senior housekeeper. She was followed by Ann Thompson, a retired recreational therapy staff member at Sandilands.

Heather Hanlan, director of Rehabilitative Service in the Public Hospitals Authority, gave the welcoming remarks at the latest concert. She asked a series of questions to encourage the audience to reflect on the role music plays in everyday life.

"When one's voice becomes free, the mind relaxes; suppressed emotions start to thaw, and the spirit has a direct vehicle for expression to affect change in an individual's well-being. Those emotions, movements, sensations evoked are just some of the therapeutic benefits of music and singing, hence the significance of a patients choir in a rehabilitation setting," she said.

The Worthy of Praise choir, under the direction of Sherlene Parker-Smith, Joycelyn Minus and Jacqueline Whylly, wowed the audience with their renditions of "I've Got A Testimony", "We've Come This Far By Faith", "The Storm is Passing Over" and the "Jesus Medley".

Ruth Albury, hospital administrator and members of the Sandilands' executive management committee served as hosts to the local audience and out of town guests from the Florida National University.

This concert was the rehearsal for the choir's upcoming performance in Freeport on October 6.


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