A Dinosaur Position

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Very fortunately for BP&L news distractions take what has been going on at BP&L off the headlines but their issues stand and their issues involve all of us for at least 20 plus years forward so they are extremely important.

The recent purchase by BP&L, not Shell Americas as what was inclined to be the agreement in the MOU certainly questions immediately the legal validity of that as now BP&L are purchasing the equipment which Shell Americas was contracted to purchase - in my opinion the purpose of the MOU is void - mute has no legal substance anymore.

What is the Minnis Government’s position on Solar? To say the least they spin and spin - no seems priority for Government owned facilities and the avoiding of the benefits for the whole, US those living in the heart of Grants Town - Bain Town - Englerston - Sea Breeze - Carmichael - Killarney…these residents by dictate of the Board of BP&L will continue for the next 20 plus years to pay fuel surcharge and the potentially higher tariff rates for electricity - we all say a mighty Thank you to BP&L.

If solar is good for Government buildings, then why not good for all residents in New Providence? BP&L are desperately hanging onto their dinosaur position - Atlantis and Baha Mar will not benefit nor will the majority who struggle monthly. We have to ask Why?



March 29, 2019.


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