Handerea 'Miss Florida' Rolle Acquitted Of Drug Charges

Handerea 'Miss Florida' Rolle at an earlier court appearance. Photo: Terrel W. Carey Sr/Tribune Staff

Handerea 'Miss Florida' Rolle at an earlier court appearance. Photo: Terrel W. Carey Sr/Tribune Staff


Tribune Staff Reporter


FORMER internet sensation Handerea “Miss Florida” Rolle was acquitted on Friday of allegations of being caught last year with $1,700 worth of marijuana intending to distribute it to others.

Acting Deputy Chief Magistrate Subusola Swain discharged and acquitted the former web star after finding that the prosecution had failed to prove its case against Rolle beyond a reasonable doubt.

The senior magistrate noted that but for the lack of that critical element, she would have convicted the Ragged Island Street resident.

Kenneth Moncur, however, was convicted and sentenced to six months in prison for possession of dangerous drugs with intent to supply stemming from the February 13, 2018 incident.

The senior magistrate said although Moncur denied knowledge of the drugs, the fact that he owns, resides, and was also in the house when the drugs were discovered were automatic red flags.

She ruled that based on the evidence, Moncur in fact did take part in the criminal activity, as the logical inference that was drawn was that his house is used to deal and/or sell drugs.

Additionally, the acting deputy chief magistrate said even if he were ignorant of the illicit activities, the scent from the drugs was likely so “pungent” he would have had no choice but to know what was taking place.

Friday’s ruling marks the end of a year-long court battle for both Rolle and Moncur.

In February of last year, Rolle, Moncur, and a third person, Illano Noel, were charged with having been found in possession of 13 ounces of marijuana with an estimated street value of $1,700.

Noel, the father of Rolle’s child, pleaded guilty to the charge and was sentenced to 18 months in prison, while Rolle and Moncur pleaded not guilty.

During the trial, Assistant Superintendent Zhivargo Earns testified how he had caught Noel trying to flush a bowl of weed on the date in question, moments after he and two other officers broke down the door to Moncur’s home on Smith’s Lane.

ASP Earns said upon arriving at Moncur’s house, he and the other officers entered the yard and knocked on a southern door of the home before identifying themselves as policemen. Upon doing so, ASP Earns said he heard shuffling sounds in the house as though people were running. ASP Earns said he also heard people inside whispering “police”.

He then said he heard the sound of a toilet flushing.

ASP Earns said he forced open the door, and upon doing so saw a man running with a large plastic bowl in his hand. He eventually caught up with the man in a bathroom, where he observed him emptying the contents of the bowl into the toilet.

The man, who later identified himself as Ilano Noel, was quickly subdued. Inside the toilet was a quantity of suspected marijuana.

ASP Earns said after catching and subduing Noel, Rolle and Moncur were found hiding in two separate rooms in the home.

Another senior officer, Detective Sergeant Anthony Allen Jr of the Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU), said Rolle indicated in her initial interview that she was only present at the residence in question because she went there to get some money from Noel, her boyfriend, concerning their child.

Det Sgt Allen said Rolle claimed ASP Earns and other officers arrived shortly after she had arrived at the home.

However, Det Sgt Allen claimed that both Rolle and Moncur admitted in their respective records of interview to being aware that Noel was in possession of suspected marijuana, adding that Moncur had said he had agreed to let Noel operate from his home in exchange for payment.

Rolle gained local internet fame and the nicknames “Miss Florida” and “Boss Lady Florida” when a video of her surfaced on the internet in which she seemed not to know that Miami was located in the state of Florida.

She repeatedly said the word “Florida” to indicate where she was, and followed it up with the now famous statement, “Broke people go Miami, I in Florida.”

Another video surfaced shortly afterwards in which Rolle could be seen enjoying herself in a shopping mall, proclaiming: “Boss lady making boss moves. Make that U-turn baby.”

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