A Little More Digging Would Be In Order

EDITOR, The Tribune

URCA is alike a mouse that roared…is it impotent?

The Amendment to the Electricity Act 2015 made URCA impotent as it involves BP&L tariffs…URCA has zero jurisdiction - can’t do anything.

For Stephen Bereaux/URCA to say internally URCA is considering BP&L tariffs is a total waste of his time.

Mr McKenzie/Tribune go investigate the BP&L RFP for the 80MW temporary generators…the Shell America MOU as now BP&L finds $98m to buy the generators which Shell was supposed to…through and through further acquisitions of generators on lease from Aggreko with no RFP?

The Wartsila generators…did URCA approve the purchase? Was there an EIA - was there a Safety Report?

Now, Mr McKenzie, you will do all the Tribune readers a big favour…dig and expose.



April 12, 2019


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