Why You Don't Want To Get Your Wires Crossed

EDITOR, The Tribune.

You may recall last year when some hapless boater tried to tow a cabin cruiser home along Eastern Road and got the boat’s “tuna-tower” entangled in the electrical supply lines going across Eastern Road, in front of the Brigadoon Estate, and pulling two poles into the road before it stopped.

In the aftermath of this accident, BEC had installed new poles and reconnected the wires and everyone seemed happy as Larry. But ever since then there has been a cable doing loop de loops from about Johnson Rd up to the entrance to Brigadoon. They are not that unsightly, but being unsightly, and as they just droop to the ground between poles, and are not tied down anywhere, if they were blown into the road by a high wind, any of the many cyclists and motor bike riders would not see them and could quite easily get entangled by the wire and yukked to the ground or just garroted.

My thought was that this wire must belong to BPL and perhaps had inadvertently been left by them after the repairs. I had an e-mail address for the Minister through dealing with another matter, so I emailed him to bring it to his attention. He responded immediately and referred the matter to Mr Heastie. In due course Mr Heastie replied saying that the droopy wire was not BPL wire but that he had reached out to the other utilities to try to resolve it. The possibilities then were Cable Bahamas or BTC.

I e-mailed one of the Cable Bahamas Directors that I knew to see if it was theirs and he promised to look into it. Cable Bahamas sent their line people to investigate but replied not guilty. That left BTC as the only possibility. I had an e-mail address for Dexter Cartwright who was the MD but got an immediate response that he was no longer in Nassau but he forwarded my e-mail to his successor Mr Andre Foster and apologised that the cables had been left by BTC.

Mr Foster was at that time embroiled in some union matters so I thought it was not the best time to follow up. However, this exercise began in early January and at the end of March it had not been dealt with, so I e-mailed Mr Foster again, to reinforce my concern. I felt sure that with all the BPL customers in the eastern end of the island that Mr Foster might make an effort to get this rectified. We are now at mid-April and we still have these droopy wires.

Maybe we should all start switching to ALIV to get his attention ?



April 11, 2019.


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