Too Much Hype, Not Enough Beef

EDITOR, The Tribune

Talk in the House of Assembly - Ministers-MP’s need to listen to their comments after they have made contributions. A good example was the Minister for Foreign Affairs where he was describing an occurrence so he said in Houston when the Government delegation went there to promote GB - IT hub. He said one of the persons there commented that they can’t find people to employ to manufacture an electronic game which is extremely popular.

So why were you unable to attract that Game producer? Big $1,000,000.00 question - sorry, Minister, what we are hearing from the FNM off these trips is a lot of hype and no beef! Big announcement on that call centre…how many people still work for it Freeport or Nassau? Talk never put bread on the table.

BP&L - well. well darn it Mr Rollins of BP&L finally telling the truth and saying totally the opposite to what he said just three-four days ago…the new BP&L purchased Wartsila 175MW generators are a ‘new style’ of generators for BP&L, your current ones cannot burn diesel or LNG so Mr Rollins BP&L required approvals from URCA to purchase - EIA studies had to be done and an argument pro and again the purchase considering the option to use reusables and safety were required.

Don’t tell us BP&L Attorneys opined no need for URCA - comply with the Law, sir.



April 25, 2019


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