Political Deception

EDITOR, The Tribune.

The FNM came into high office in May, 2017 based on Christie fatigue and the myriad of fools' dreams and promises which it sold to the expectant electorate. The slogan: 'It's the people's time' resonated with most Bahamians. The PLP's: 'We believe in Bahamians' had come to resemble a four lettered cuss word. The PLP and it's erstwhile leader, Christie, had to go one way or the other. What did we get instead?

In medical fields, Dr Hubert A Minnis (FNM-Killarney), is highly regarded having assisted in the actual delivery of 5,500 infants. By extension, he would have been obliged to visually come into contact with that number of female genitals. What a sight! As a politician, however, he has demonstrated, big time, that 99.5% of the electoral promises made have yet to be kept or delivered on. I suggest that Bahamians were politically deceived.

No, I am not suggesting anything of a criminal nature. I do suggest, however, that when those promises were made that it must have been in the back of their collective minds that “the big flam” was about to be foisted on the nation. As a trained criminal defence lawyer, I am disappointed that this regime has yet to address the salient question of capital punishment. All of you remember Dr Minnis, in opposition, lashing the PLP because of crime and it's failure to implement capital punishment. Minnis, a/k/a 'Dr No'. He declared that once he was Prime Minister that murderers would face the full brunt of the law. Promise made, but promise not keep.

Minnis, in my opinion, a colossal political 'failure' also promised that they would bring 'rationality' to Bahamas Power & Light. He and his juvenile team suggested mismanagement and possible corruption at BPL. There was a big bust up between certain then Board members and the 'worst' Minister of Works, again in my opinion, in the history of ministerial governance. None other than the PM himself appointed a committee to investigate. That committee has yet to report.

Minnis, in opposition, touted 'accountability' and 'fiscal responsibility'. They, too, in my view, were bogus promises. Minnis and a huge delegation went on a juncket a year or so ago and he promised to reveal the costs for the same. To this very day, we have heard nothing further. He promised to get to the bottom of OBAN but nothing yet. Is that project now 'dead' in the water? Minnis said that he would make affordable building lots available and liberalise Crown Land issues. Apart from projects left in place by the PLP and Brother Christie, politically lousy as he was, Minnis and them people have yet to come up with the delivery on these promises.

Unemployment is beyond comprehension. Crime and the fear of crime remain unabated and climbing. Fox Hill Correctional Centre appears to now have more leakage than ever before. After wasting big bucks to conduct an external 'search' for a Commissioner of Correctional Services (we don't know what was expended and/or who conducted the same) they proceeded to appoint a relic of the institution, with all due respects.

In my opinion the FNM and the PM came to office by politically deceiving the unwashed masses of Bahamians. They are now acting and playing smug and have evolved into highly arrogant political midgets. They have lost 99.5% of the trust and goodwill which you all reposed in them in 2019. They will pay a heavy price come 2022, God willing. God will hear, as He always does, the cries of the Bahamian people. To God then, in all things, even political deception, be the glory.



July 22, 2019.


proudloudandfnm 4 months ago

Bodie must be drinking... Granted Minnis aint exactly the best of the best but damn man, compared to perry (I can't do squat but lie and tief) Christie Minnis is a damned god send.

Don't get me started on how utterly dishonest the entire PLP party was. Or perry's stupid approach to BEC's problems.

You mussee drinking hard.....


proudloudandfnm 4 months ago

And let us not forget how your hero Brave started a business partnership with foreigners to run our dump....


birdiestrachan 4 months ago

Have to give it to doc he is a masterful liar. who also loves to show off. Say what ever you wish about Mr: Christie. but Life has never been so hard as it is under this FNM Government.

There is a lot of suffering bein endured by those who can least afford it.


themessenger 4 months ago

we all suffer whenever you crawl out of your crab hole............


moncurcool 4 months ago

Bodie out his mind. Hold on wait, Brave is his boy he wanted to run the PLP anyway. SO now you understand his article, given that he prefers Brave as party leader. Cold day in hell could come and still won't vote for them corrupt people. I'll take the dim witted Minnis over them anyday.


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