Colin Trotman, One Of Tv's Finest

EDITOR, The Tribune,

When people think of journalists, they think of the faces they see, the bylines they read, the voices they hear. They rarely think of those behind the scenes who make the broadcasts of familiar voices and faces possible.

This week, we lost one of the finest, ZNS cameraman extraordinaire Colin Trotman. During three nationally televised telethons over a decade, Colin was a rock, always ready to go the extra distance to make sure that all cameras were in place, that the angle of the shot was perfect, that everyone understood the need to touch those at home who would reach into their pockets and donate to help fight cancer or rebuild communities after an earthquake in Haiti or hurricanes in The Bahamas. All of us on the team depended on Colin like we did Cable TV’s Alexia Coakley and Nassau Guardian’s Paul Fernander and others, all of whom deserved awards. Colin’s willingness to help, his enduring smile, his strong spirit deserved special recognition.

We lost a man too soon but before he went, he won our hearts, our love and, forever, our respect.



August 8, 2019


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