Check Your Facts

EDITOR, The Tribune

Politicians – especially the Prime Minister – had better do their due diligence before they speak… the advent of the service property, commonly known as Airbnb or Home Away from home, is a thriving sector impacting visitor arrivals considerably but sorry PM your quote of $400 per night is not the average price, far from it. Try between $120-180 and at the high end you are looking at the luxury property on the beach with all the mod cons.

Although this is an excellent revenue creator, I suggest that there should be at the least some regulations – inspection of the property other than the property owner describing it to Airbnb or another service agency.

We are seeing now offers for properties way over the hill (no problem with the location) but does the renter know? Safety has to be paramount. The property must be licenced to have no more than one person per single bed or two persons per double bed. A one-bedroom property should not be renting to four, five, six persons.

Insurance? Does your home insurance cover renting – you better check. Do you have some form of fire protection, the least an extinguisher? Is your property hurricane safe?

Yes, service property is an excellent mode but please check facts first.

W Thompson


August 11, 2019


birdiestrachan 11 months, 3 weeks ago

roc wit doc was just telling lies as he usually does. He has no interest in truth or facts.


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