Us Gun Law Affecting Us In The Bahamas

EDITOR, The Tribune

As Americans are massacred by guns that should only be on the battlefield, the right of every American to own a gun for self defence is such a sacred right in the US that it doesn’t even tolerate sensible discussion.

Amendment II of the US Constitution – consisting of a few lines– is encircled by a halo that says: “Touch me not!”.

The Amendment says: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

That was enacted in the early days of the formation of America when it had no Army, no Navy, not even a defence force. When the British got the notion to threaten its former colony, the farmers were encouraged to drop their pitchforks and defend their developing nation. Today, now grown into a mighty nation, when someone recently seriously pointed out the ridiculousness of Amendment II some hillbilly seriously remarked that his gun was still needed to protect him from an unfriendly government! And so imbued with such backwoods ideas innocent blood still flows in the United States.

I recall a few years ago a very tragic incident in the United States due to this same amendment and the right to bear arms. One night a father accidentally shot his son. The young boy, having missed his curfew and fearful of his parents’ wrath, decided to quietly climb through a window and make it to his bedroom. The father, hearing the noise, reached for his gun, which was on the bedside table and fired in the direction of the intruder. When the light was turned on he saw the dead body of his teenaged son. So much for his right to bear arms.

At one time I often went to the US to see the various shows that we did not get here. I don’t do it anymore, fearful of sitting next to a person who might have a firearm on his/her person.

In The Bahamas no one can own a gun without a licence from the police. That worked for a long time when we were gun free. However, thanks to the US and its outdated and ridiculous Amendment II, these lethal firearms are so easy of purchase at the various shows in the US, that they are now being smuggled into The Bahamas. As a result we have a serious gun problem.

The US now wants to control the sale of guns by denying a gun to anyone with a mental illness. And who is to determine that? The salesman who is selling over the counter?

Seems to me the easiest solution would be to ban all gun ownership. Anyone who now owns guns — for hunting, or as a hobby — should notify the authorities and if found to be responsible be granted a licence. Anyone else who wanted such ownership would have to apply to whatever government department was designated to make the decision on their suitability. It is then a decision can be made as to whether they are sufficiently mentally stable to be responsible gun owners. At least the state would know the gun owners in their state.

However, there has to be some solution – this slaughter can’t continue.



August 13, 2019


milesair 6 months, 1 week ago

As long as the GOP is in charge of the U.S. government, there will be no sensible gun control laws because the GOP is owned by the NRA! The U.S. is NOT a civilized nation with just about everyday being another "gunfight at the O K corral." The only thing the GOP ever offers is "thoughts and prayers." Not even background checks are considered because of the ridiculous interpretation of the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution so even criminals and crazy people can get guns. Bump stocks or even a limitation on the number of bullets that can be fired during one shooting session will not be reduced. The gun nuts of America think that when the U.S. Government "comes for them" they want to be ready with their guns even though the government has the power to take care of the gun nuts if they want to. This problem can be traced back to a U.S, Supreme Court decision decades ago which ruled that "militias" apparently ment all U.S. citizens. This cop-out decision has resulted in the daily slaughter that goes on to this day!


Sickened 6 months, 1 week ago

Well this 'unfriendly government' may just come to pass if Trump gets a second term. Unfortunately, he has all the makings of a dictator, and his 'radical' supporters may just be the people who rise up and save the U.S.. One wrong move or comment by the NRA, that pisses Trump off, and we will quickly see MAJOR issues in the U.S..


DDK 6 months, 1 week ago

Right you are, ANTI-GUNS! The leaders in this country seem too disconnected (or cowered) to make the connection!


TheMadHatter 6 months, 1 week ago

He will not be re-elected. The new president with be Andrew Yang and his V.P. will be Marianne Williamson.
Of course, however, Americans have also suffered over the past 40 years from a VERY terrible education system - very much like we have here in the Bahamas - so there is the possibility that they may be too ignorant and stupid to understand the things that Mr. Yang is saying and instead will elected another moron like Biden to lead them further into destruction. I encourage everyone to watch several videos by Yang and Williamson on YOUTUBE. Be informed.


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