The Buck Does Indeed Stop With The Prime Minister

EDITOR, The Tribune

Have zero patience anymore, the buck, Mr. Most Honourable Prime Minister, stops right at your desk. A national Address, with a Press Question and Answer, live Press conference broadcast has to happen, as the residents of New Providence cannot take BP&L any longer.

When the Minister responsible for BP&L, Mr. Bannister, says oh BP&L is not in crisis, and every day there are long outages of electricity, something is not being understood. Minister, from a long time ago, there has been a crisis at BP&L. It started around September, 2017, and the infamous RFP for the 80MW of standby generators. PM where is the report? Is there a report? So many issues arose from then and have just worsened up to now.

BP&L Union man, Mr. Maynard blanching to obviously avoid issues with his members, says that 25MW or 25 of Aggreko’s generators are not working. Is that a fact, Prime MInister? The loss of 25MW would cause a serious loss of energy, that is basically needed to keep the lights on. Then Mr. Maynard talks about the details of other generators being down. We have never heard a word from anyone, from the Prime Minister down to Mr. Heastie of those issues.

Thursday, August 8th…BP&L PR guy, ex-PR guy from UB and journalist and Talk Show host advises News media…GM will hold a press conference on Sunday, August 11th, at 2:00 p.m. refusing to answer any questions, when large areas of the island are without electricity?

Where is URCA? Surely they should be leveling fines, for obvious breaches of their BP&L exclusive franchise? BP&L seems to have plenty of cash! They found $97 million to buy those Wartsila generators, or what is the detail of that deal? Is there a private secret financing/purchasing deal that involves a certain

What is the story of the lady Ms. Aliston, that upped and resigned from BP&L - a very highly qualified person. Come clean, Mr. Prime Minister…I hope you will understand we the public, no longer believe a word from Minister Bannister or Mr. Heastie or Chairman Donovan Moxey, forget BP&L PR guy…not a single word.

PM promises to investigate the Osbourne issues…promised to investigate matters around the 80MW RFP (September 2017). These were months ago, is a report being made or was that all verbal flam?

Ragged Island solar... who is the local - Bahamian entity in this you have just awarded? The people want to know!



August 9, 2019


Sickened 2 years, 3 months ago

I was told to tell you to 'stay in your lane!' Complain in silence as neither gubment wants to hear from us.


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