Haitian Embassy: Five Moved


Tribune Chief Reporter


FORMER Haitian Embassy Chargé d’Affaires François Michel yesterday confirmed his replacement will be Dorval Darlier, former minister counselor to the Nassau Embassy.

Mr Michel told The Tribune he has been transferred to Ecuador, a move that will take effect next week.

He further revealed another embassy official - former First Secretary Adras Andris - had “resigned”, suggesting this was a directive by Haiti’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This came after a Haiti commission of inquiry was sent to Nassau earlier this month to probe concerns of alleged corruption.

However when pressed for further details, Mr Michel said the report had not yet been made public, adding he had no knowledge of its findings.

“The commission has investigated and gave (a) report. This is why he has been resigned,” Mr Michel told this newspaper. 

The Tribune reported earlier this week that Mr Michel had been recalled along with two other embassy diplomats; however, Mr Michel explained his removal was not a recall but a transfer to another embassy.

Mr Michel has served in the Nassau post for five years, and insisted there was no correlation between his transfer and the commission of inquiry’s findings.

He also confirmed another Nassau embassy official, First Secretary Sandhrinie Imbert, has been transferred to Mexico.

Consul Herns Mesamours and First Secretary Blaise Claudy will return to Haiti as previously reported - bringing the total number of officials removed from the Nassau office to five.

The commission conducted its investigations from July 29 to August 3, and its scope centred on claims the embassy was involved in getting visas for Haitians and finding fake partners for them to marry to gain status in The Bahamas.

In a statement announcing the commission, Haitian officials referenced media coverage of an arraignment of three Bahamians and two Haitians accused of a fraudulent marriage scheme on July 24.

According to an embassy statement, the group met with the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the two Haitians in prison awaiting trial; the superintendent in charge of the investigation and other government officials.


Well_mudda_take_sic 12 months ago

Useless Henfield now needs to be removed by Minnis.


SP 12 months ago

It's just business as usual for Haitians. Surprisingly, the Bahamas couldn't implicate anybody for colluding with their Haitian counterparts in a corrupt business that COULD NOT have succeeded without Bahamian officials involvement!


mandela 12 months ago

Yup, SP couldn't, more wouldn't, I am inclined to go with your theory


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