So What Is The Truth At Bpl?

EDITOR, The Tribune

BP&L…what is the truth?

Many times politicians/Cabinet Ministers will be best not to comment, but here stick a microphone and have a camera rolling, what comes out of those ministerial mouths is interesting.

Sunday last…didn’t Whitney Heastie/BP&L Managing Director, hold a press conference and went into detail and stated, a serious prognosis of the state of BP&L? What were his words - “We are in the cliff edge. Anything can go wrong!”

What did BP&L tell Cabinet just 48 hours later, for the DPM to say what he said?

Most of Nassau suffered extended loss of electricity yesterday…businesses with generators, failed to kick-in (over worked) and half a day totally disrupted.

So these Wartisla engines - now remove the folk story about BP&L, insisting on Wartisla as being Shell’s preferred engine provider. Ask BP&L after all this mess - what will those new engines produce 1KW at? If it is not in the range of 14-16 cents per KW, BPL has skewed us again. My opinion BP&L - Bahamas sold to Shell!



August 15, 2019


truetruebahamian 2 years, 3 months ago

Who is the nominal owner of Shell Bahamas?


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