Tabernacle Taken In Raid On Church

THIEVES ransacked the St Cecilia Roman Catholic Church off Coconut Grove Avenue on Sunday night.

The church’s tabernacle was among the items stolen.

Robbers left mess strewn throughout the church after digging through draws and breaking the sanctuary’s glass door.

They tore donation boxes off the church’s walls and stole the money contained within.

The robbery reportedly took place during a more than three hour power outage in the area.

Monsignor Simeon Roberts said the church was unable to hold mass yesterday. Instead, a service was held to pray for the robbers.

On Facebook, users decried the desecration.

“Sometime during the night, the darkness being compounded by the absence of electricity, our parish church was desecrated,” one user said. “I don’t know what to say. The tabernacle is gone. Catholics will know the implications of that. For the culprits, we pray, because they must not understand the gravity of their actions. Human indecency knows limits.”


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