Basketball Helps Nation

EDITOR, The Tribune.

The 2019 Basketball Summer of Thunder is now history. The mammoth venture cannot go unnoticed.

Bahamas Federation President Mario Bowleg and his very hard working executives, exceeded everyone’s expectations for the manner, organisation and the goodly numbers of Division 1 Colleges from the United States and Europe, players and fans that screamed Sports Tourism.

A statement by the government to applaud Bowleg and the Federation, would go a long way toward encouraging such an event, and lifting the moral and support in every possible way.

Teams filled hotel rooms, transportation, food and other activities that cause plenty money to be dumped into the Bahamian economy, over two weeks. The Ministry of Tourism should show their appreciation for the business.

Imagine the financial spinoff?

The Minister of Youth Lanisha Rolle or her representative was noticeably absent. This proves that she is either clueless, insensitive or simply not interested in the magnitude sports has with the development of our youth, building communities and indeed the country.

There were many opportunities for some statement from the government to applaud the efforts of the Federation.

Especially because of the enormous benefits to Bahamians, there are no reasons why government should not give more support, especially financially, to events such as this. It should be a no brainer, if building the country positively is a priority.

Interestingly enough, Leader of the Opposition, Philip Brave Davis, who was well received, attended at least three of the events. Fred Mitchell enjoyed the game with Memphis Tigers playing the Bahamas National Team at Baha Mar.

Fortunately the enormous impact was that several teams infiltrated the intercity and was welcomed by hundreds of excited youth and neighbourhoods. Texas Tech was in Mason Addition, Memphis was Bozine Town and Temple was in Bain Town, where they shared life long experiences.

This alone speaks volumes to the tremendous benefit, how this programme impacted our youth and would go a long way toward lifting their spirit and bridging the gap, by affecting one community at a time. They were exposed to what is possible for them, with life lessons of discipline, determination and hard work.

We appreciate the efforts of Basketball Federation, Mario Bowleg and his extremely hardworking executives for a very successful Summer of Thunder.

“I believe that the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way, show them all the beauty they have inside, give them s sense of pride.”



August 21, 2019.


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